How to Backup and Reset your Xbox 360

Jack Tucker

Factory resetting your Xbox 360 will be beneficial for some good reasons. Resetting your Xbox 360 is a quite easy and simple process. But it is a serious step that you can’t undo in future. Resetting will wipe all of your console hard drive data. You’ll lose games, apps, profiles, and other data.

Things to do for safe and simple resetting of your Xbox 360:

•    Find your Xbox 360 console’s Serial Number.

•    Take a backup of your Xbox Games and data.

How to Get the Serial Number of your Xbox 360

You will need the Serial Number at the time when you’re going to format the hard drive of your console, without serial number you’ll be unable to do this.

You can get the serial number at the back of your Xbox console. If you’re unable to locate the serial number on the back or the number is scratched off or obscured, you can get this number in the system settings of the Xbox 360.

1.    Click the ‘Guide button’ to open the Xbox Guide.

2.    Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.

3.    Open ‘System Settings’.

4.    Select ‘Console Settings’ from the System Settings menu.

5.    Scroll down under Console Settings screen and select ‘System Info’. Doing this will open system info on your screen.

6.    Find the ‘Console Serial Number’ on System Info screen.

7.    Write down ‘Serial Number’.

8.    Now, continue pressing the ‘B’ button of your controller to go back to the system settings menu.

9.    Stop when you’re on ‘System Settings’ menu.

How to take Backup your Xbox Games and Data

Resetting your Xbox 360 will erase all the information stored in its hard drive including the all the games you’ve downloaded, saved data, your profile, etc. Thus it will be a good decision to take a backup of the data stored in Console hard drive to keep them. Make sure your external USB drive contains sufficient storage space before proceeding.

1.    Attach a USB drive to your Xbox 360.

2.    On the ‘System Settings’ menu open ‘Storage’. You’ll be already on ‘System Settings’ menu screen if you’re not then, use the above steps to access the System Settings menu.

3.    Now, go for ‘Hard Drive’.

4.    And click ‘Y’ button to introduce the ‘Device Options’.

5.    Go to ‘Transfer Content’.

6.    Select your USB Drive.

7.    And ‘Start’.

This will initiate Backup process and will create a backup of the complete data.

If you want to decide the things you want to back up manually, then follow the below-given steps:

1.    Attach a USB drive to your Xbox 360.

2.    On the ‘System Settings’ menu open ‘Storage’.

3.    Now, select ‘Hard Drive’.

4.    Open ‘Games and Apps’ on Hard Drive screen.

5.    Choose the ‘Game or App’ for backup.

6.    Click ‘A’ button. And click once more ‘A’ button. This will open more options.

7.    And select ‘Move or Copy’ from the options.

8.    Click ‘A’ button to Move or copy the selected item to your USB Drive.

9.    Choose your ‘USB Drive’.

10.    Click ‘A’ button and wait for Backup to Complete.

11.    After finish, go back by pressing the ‘B’ button to select another item.

12.    Select the next item and follow the above steps. Repeat as many times as you require.

13.    When completed, Use ‘B’ button to go back to the ‘System Settings’ menu.

Once the backing up is complete, you can reset your Xbox 360 without losing your essential console data.

How to Reset your Xbox 360

Now, you’ve your Xbox Serial Number and also backed up your data it means you’re all set for the resetting Process.

1.    On the ‘System Settings’ menu open ‘Storage’. Go to System settings.

2.    Go to ‘Hard Drive’.

3.    Click the ‘Y’ button to open ‘Device options’.

4.    Select ‘Format’ from the Device Options screen.

5.    Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.

6.    Enter your ‘Xbox Serial Number’.

7.    Click ‘Done’ and wait to finish the format process.

Doing this will completely format your Xbox Console and return your Xbox 360 to original factory state.

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Source : How to Backup and Reset your Xbox 360

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