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Pokemon GO: Guide for Regional Exclusive

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Pokemon GO: Guide for Regional Exclusive

Completing Pokedex is one of the critical aspects of the long going Pokemon franchise, but completing the Pokedex in Pokemon GO mobile game is not that of an easy task.

Niantic introduces new Limited time challenges and various events and raid battle for players, but it makes it very hard to capture every new Pokemon during all the new events. Especially during the Limited time events, many players fail to participate or catch the dedicated Pokemon of that event.

And once the event ends players have no means to spot that Pokemon ever again. Completing the Pokedex is much more challenging in Pokemon GO as there are many regional Pokemon, which are only available at specific regions.

Regional exclusives are those pocket monsters that are locatable at a specific region of the globe. Since recently trading is also included to Pokemon GO and many regional Pokemon have been introduced in raid battles, completing Pokedex is turning out to be a hard to accomplish but doable task.

With the introduction of new generation Pokemon, a new set of regional’s is also added, which players have to make sure of if they wish to complete their Pokedex.

With the introduction of generation four Pokemon, till date players have a total 18 regional Pokemon to look for, which are spread across various countries. You can refer to the list mentioned below to undermine all the regional Pokemon and there designated habitat countries where they are found.

  • Kangaskhan (Australia).
  • Tauros (North America).
  • Heracross (South America and Central America).
  • Farfetch’d (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Japan).
  • Mr. Mime (Europe).
  • Volbeat (Asia, Australia, and America).
  • Carnivine (South-East, U.S.A).
  • Pachirisu (Russia, Alaska, and Canada).
  • Tropius (Middle-East and Africa).
  • Lunatone (Africa and America).
  • Zangoose (Europe, Australia, and Asia).
  • Seviper (Africa and America).
  • Torkoal (Western Asia, South-East Asia)
  • Solrock (Europe, Asia, and Australia).
  • Relicanth (New-Zealand).
  • Chatot (Southern Hemisphere).
  • Corsola (Near the Equator).
  • Illumise (Americas Africa).

You may find it quite simple to determine the exact locations for such regional types, but players have experienced a lot of exceptions in the placement of these Pokemon.

Many trainers have observed spawning of these Pokemon in other locations during special events, receiving them as an egg or adding it as a raid boss. Such exceptions are made so that players across the world can have an opportunity to catch such regional Pokemon.

Interestingly recently added trading feature is helping dedicated trainers to complete their Pokedex and regular events and challenges also play a vital role in achieving their goal of fully completing their Pokedex.

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ava williams
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