Mistakes to Completely Avoid while Writing Statement of Purpose

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It is a well-known fact that writing a Statement of Purpose is quite a challenging and tedious job to carry out. However, it is also true that SOP is an important factor in the course of admission in a reputed international University.

In order to make sure that your SOP gets selected in the first attempt, you can either take help of one of the best professional SOP writers in Noida or you can simply write your SOP on your own.

But, while thinking of writing your SOP by yourself, you must pay heed to the following mistakes you must avoid so that your SOP becomes an attractive and hard-to-resist essay and gets the job done in an instant.

  1. Focusing on childhood fantasies

Discussing unnecessarily your childhood days is not going to help you get selected in the admission process. Yes! If your childhood instances have any sort of connection in building up your career goal or making you a stronger and better person, then go ahead and write all about it.  But, make sure that you do it only if you are applying for an undergraduate course. When applying for the Masters, avoid mentioning your childhood fantasies and focus on your future prospects.

  1. Last-minute writing

SOP writing is not similar to letter writing or application writing. Writing an effective SOP requires immense concentration and ample amount of time. That is why you must ensure that you have started writing your SOP one month prior to the date of submission. Having plenty of time will allow you to think out-of-the-box and create an exceptional SOP which would grab the attention of the readers at once.

  1. Not following the University’s guidelines

You must remember that every University’s SOP requirements from the applicant are different. If you have not been provided with any kind of SOP guidelines, then you can write in a basic manner. However, if you have told to follow the rules and regulations of writing the SOP, then pay heed to those rules and adhere to the same. Not implementing the rules of the University will result in straightaway rejection.

  1. Using jargons

The University where you seek to get admission is not interested in checking your vocabulary skills. Hence, do not waste time on using heavy words which is not easy to understand. Making use of unrequired jargon will end up confusing the University authorities and they won’t be able to understand your perspective in your SOP which will turn out to be disadvantageous for you.

  1. Not proofreading

It is one of the most common mistakes students make while writing an SOP. They do not think of proofreading their SOP at all and end up submitting SOP full of errors. To avoid being in such unwanted situation, make certain that you proofread your SOP not just once but multiple times until you do not see even a minute mistake in your SOP.


Bear in mind the above-mentioned mistakes that students frequently commit while writing their SOPs. Moreover, if you want to stay away from ruining your SOP in any manner, it is best to hire the top Statement of Purpose writing services in Noida.

SOP Help
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