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5 Reasons for a Dedicated Approach to Content Writing for SEO

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5 Reasons for a Dedicated Approach to Content Writing for SEO

Search engine optimization

 begins and ends with quality content. Although, a lot of technical aspects are important for an effective search engine optimization campaign, nothing beats the attention that your website’s content demands for successful marketing. However, people often forget that although content is an important aspect, it shouldn’t be the only one guiding your SEO strategy. In fact, a good blend of relevant, informational and engaging content and winning SEO guidelines can do wonders for your business. As a writer, I have seen trends rising and falling on how to strategize the content with respect to SEO. This is why I have combined a ‘list-icle’ of sort explaining what SEO content is and how to optimize your content to complement your SEO strategies.

First and foremost, SEO content writing focuses on keeping the layout, keyword composition and mode of delivery (text/info-graphic/video) in compliance with search engine algorithms. All major search engines like Google and Bing have a set and changing set of parameters to determine the relevancy of a website and therefore, its ranking. These parameters include among all things relevancy, keyword density, Meta description, titles and interlinking texts. Given below are 5 things you need to do in order to optimize your content for SEO;

  1. Ensure that your primary keyword appears in the title, whether it is a web page or a blog post
  2. The main keyword and related keywords & phrases should be uniformly distributed throughout the page
  3. Latent Semantic Indexing keywords or LSI keywords are related keywords or suggestive keywords for your primary keywords. Use them in your content along with the primary keyword for better ranking opportunities.
  4. Keywords, including the LSI keywords should be used under H1, H2, and H3 (<h1>, <h2> and <h3>) tags for better emphasis.
  5. Keywords should be used as anchor text when linking to other blog posts and web pages on your website.

Along with relevancy, quality and engaging content,Local SEO friendly formatting plays a huge role in optimizing the content for search engines. Google’s algorithm scans and crawls important elements and the content published in that particular section, so this can be a deciding factor of your Google rankings. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your content is consistent and SEO friendly at all times;

  • Research Keywords: Before even you begin writing, you should have a list of all your important keywords and phrases. Clearly defined primary, secondary and suggestive keywords in order of their priority ensure a consistent content flow and precision targeting.
  • Develop only High-quality Content: If your content quality is anything but high, no matter how much optimization you do your efforts will go in vain. If one thing is crystal clear in SEO, that would be relevant and high quality content. Meaningless content with random targeting and no defined niche only attracts penalties from Search Engines.
  • Incorporate Keywords: Your content should not give the impression of carefully strategized keyword positions yet the keywords should be strategized carefully. How do you achieve that? By being natural. Study your keywords properly and keep them in your mind while writing your content, the best write-ups are those that use the keywords unintentionally helping both the search engine as well as the user.
  • Promotion Post-publishing: Once you publish your content, ensure that you leave no stones unturned while promoting the said content. Use only relevant threads, channels and social platforms for publishing your content, a personal blog on LinkedIn or a business forecast on Facebook never solved any problems, keep this in mind.

Now that you know all about the good content practices, let’s take a look at the top five reasons why you should take a dedicated approach to content writing for SEO;

  • SEO requires strategic usage of search terms and keywords – Although huge developments and hacks have been developed to rank a website on search engines, but keywords still matter the most. If your content is not keyword optimized, there would be no point in promotion and marketing effort.
  • Quality Content invites Social Validation – By now you all must have been familiar with how content goes viral on the internet. More than the efforts of promotion, it is the actual content that compels internet users to share, like, comment or interacts with it in any way. If your business’s content plan is not consistent in quality, with a defined objective, it won’t appeal users. If your content is high in quality and serves your customers, even word of mouth method would be more than enough to get you the much required popularity.
  • Quality content is mandatory to get Quality Backlinks – Websites with good reputation and authority provide high-quality and relevant backlinks. However, these websites are very picky when it comes to link sharing for the obvious reasons of associating their reputation with a different company. This is why most quality backlinks can be gained only through impressive content that is not only informational but also attracts readers to take action.
  • For website and individual link rankings, Google requires optimized content – If you don’t have content, Google won’t be able to rank you. If you have substandard quality of content, Google will rank you of course but so last in its page list that even 1% of the users won’t see your website. Therefore, optimized content is the need of the hour.
  • Search, Task, Accomplishment factor – This is a relatively new parameter where Google ranks your content according to its relevancy. Google is working on an algorithm that will be able to rank websites based on if people are able to find what they are looking for on your link. If your website or link is relevant and useful to the user, your ranking will improve, if not, you will go down in the search results.

In the previous years, SEO always existed in isolation, coming across as amore of a technical jargon than a marketing strategy. However, SEO these days is an amalgamation of your entire content marketing dispensation. Without relevant and strategically designed content, you won’t ever be ranked on top of search engine results. Focus on your content development and marketing strategies to increase your revenues, add more loyal customers and do business on a global scale.   





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