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Urn Necklace: A Modified Way to Show Respect to the Departed Soul

Urn Necklace
Urn Necklace: A Modified Way to Show Respect to the Departed Soul

It is a traditional practice in some parts of the world to keep an urn or vessel carrying the cremated ashes of a family member in the house. These urns occupy special spots in the house and are accessible to all family members in the house.

This practice was ideally followed as a way to show respect to the deceased person and to honor the legacy. Also, this tradition helped the family members to rightly remember the lost one and to cherish the precious moments spent with them. These keepsake urns play an important role in the heritage of family history and are passed from one generation to another.

Urn Jewelry - A Convenient Makeover to the Traditional Urn

Urns are difficult to carry around and are less associated in terms of physical closeness with the departed soul. Cremation jewelry was invented to overcome this limitation. Being convenient to carry around, urn jewelry, especially urn necklace holds great importance in today’s world.

The Invention of Urn Jewelry

The use of cremation jewelry dates back to the Victorian era when Queen Victoria wore jewelry that closely resembles memorial jewelry. Though remembrance jewelry has a long and obscure history, popularity among the large majority gained popularity only recently.

Purpose of Urn Necklace

Urn jewelry is discreetly designed with a hidden chamber or compartment to carry the cremated ashes of a favorite person or pet. The screw on the urn necklace securely seals the chamber and keeps the contents intact. This was by far, the closest to physically carrying an urn along where ever you go.

Urn jewelry is said to bring about a feeling of closeness with the deceased person. In some people, it plays an important role in helping them move forward in life. Moreover, they say it feels as though they are feeling physically close to the person.

It is indeed practically impossible to forget a favorite person or pet. The memories associated with them should not thus, is a hindrance in day-to-day life. Cremation jewelry helps people to fill the void created from the separation with a loved one.

Where to Buy Urn Jewelry from?

There are literally hundreds of online retailers who are keen on designing and crafting cremation or memorial jewelry. This jewelry is available as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. It is quite a daunting task to select the perfect cremation jewelry with such a wide variety of designs available.

Can it be Custom-Made?

You can either choose a design from the many available online with a vendor or can ask to create custom-made jewelry based on your personal interests. Moreover, you can also personalize the jewelry with a name, image or fingerprint and paw impressions. However, please know that these could result in extra charges.

The wide availability and popularity of cremation jewelry like urn necklace have absolutely amazed the author. He thinks that this concept finds great scope in various parts of the world and could benefit a whole lot of people.

Urn Necklace
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