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Cooking a Scrumptious SEO Strategy: Why Google Considers Breadcrumbs Yummy?

Abdullah Tariq
Cooking a Scrumptious SEO Strategy: Why Google Considers Breadcrumbs Yummy?

What Are Breadcrumbs?

Simply put, breadcrumbs comprise of a small text path, often found at the top of a web page. The breadcrumb trail instantaneously shows the users where they are. Every part of a breadcrumb hierarchy is clickable and directs all the way back to the homepage.

Flavors of Breadcrumbs

The different types of breadcrumbs include the following: -

Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

The most commonly used breadcrumbs are the hierarchy based. They tell the users where they stand on a site’s structure and how many steps are there to reach back to the homepage.

hierarchy based breadcrumbs

Attribute Based Breadcrumbs

The attribute based breadcrumbs are most commonly seen when users search on an e-commerce site. The trail thus formed is made up product attributes — for example: Home > Product category > Name > Color Variant.

attribute based breadcrumbs

History-based breadcrumbs

The history-based breadcrumbs work similarly to how a web browser saves the history of browsing. It gives the users the privilege of checking what exactly they were doing at the website all the time. A simple example of it would be similar to something like this- Home > Previous page 1 > Previous page 2 > Previous page 3 > Current page.

history based breadcrumbs

Why Coat Your Website with Breadcrumbs?

Though the advantages of using breadcrumbs on your website are numerous, the most important ones are the following: -

1. Google is Obsessed with Breadcrumbs

As search engines are all about catering visitors so anything that adds to the convenience of users is liked by them. Breadcrumbs allow search engines to figure out how a website is structured along with helping to enhance search results, making it more enticing to users online.

2. They Enhance the User Experience

85% of users will usually leave a website if they aren’t able to navigate properly. When reaching a new web page, people often search recognizable objects to find their way back. In order to avoid your valuable traffic from getting lost, breadcrumbs can amplify the user experience, giving users a common interface element to instantly find a way out.

3. They Decrease Bounce Rates

There are least chances of visitors reaching a website by their brand name, especially if it is a less-known brand. Here, organic searches win by directing users to the right place, meaning any part of a website could be an entry point. In these scenarios, breadcrumbs lower the bounce rates by offering visitors an alternative way to browse your site.

How to Batter Up Your Website with Breadcrumbs?

In order to set up breadcrumbs for your website, it is recommended to leave the job to professional web development & SEO experts. As making tweaks on a live website can be dangerous, one should always consult professionals working on the same technology stacks and Content Management Systems.

Abdullah Tariq
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