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Role of EPC in the Solar Industry

Parul Chauhan
Role of EPC in the Solar Industry

Today, the world is advancing rapidly and we don't stop to think how our life has turned out to be very much dependent on electrical appliances. We need 24/7 electricity. We want water heaters, air conditioners, home theatre system, microwave oven, and what not for extravagance, and that is simply our fundamental need. The appliances, nowadays, accompany various energy saving highlights and yet still why is our power bill not less than the previous one?

What we just not miss to notice is how our electricity bill is organized. We don’t recognize slight taxes as well as duties, and the point is that the base tariffs are increasing per year! And we can’t just blame the utility companies for that. The tariffs are rising due to the conventional energy source is limited, and our need for energy is escalating.

Therefore, there is main source of energy that will stay with us for several years to come (which we can actually assume forever) is SUN!

So, why wait? Let’s switch to Solar! Therefore, the only question come to your mind would be – “But I am doing ok with my frequent electric supply, then why should I go for Solar?”

Well, solar installation is a huge investment, where you can appreciate the returns for more than 25 years. It is like – “Fit it, and forget it!” Initially, it does seem like huge upfront investment, but if organized appropriately, the recovery of investment is also fast enough! In terms of producing electricity from harnessing solar energy - EPC solar Project plays the main role in the complete solar value chain.

What is EPC in Solar Industry?

The full form of EPC is engineering, procurement, and construction. The Solar EPC Company in Gurgaon gives engineering design, acquire equipment, and after that provide with the functioning asset to the client.

EPC in solar industry is quite sophisticated as solar installation is a lasting investment. It includes:

Detailed Engineering Design of Solar Plant

This involves client’s requirement analysis, weather monitoring, site survey, structural design, selection of equipment, power generation capacity determination, engineering design, and 3D modelling of the planned solar power plant.

Procurement of Equipment

Solar EPC companies procure tools and parts needed for solar PV plant from global and local manufacturers, allowing the client to stay free from any hassle of searching the suitable supplier.

Solar Plant Construction

The solar power plant construction activity includes accessories, mounting solar PV panels, grid / off-grid connectivity along with solar implementation to the client’s existing power supply system.

 What to expect from solar EPC companies?

  • Government approvals for solar installation
  • Site survey
  • Solar power plant installation capacity calculation & design
  • Sourcing and buy all solar equipment
  • Installation of solar power plant
  • After-sales service
  • Solar Financing
  • Help in availing solar subsidy schemes

In Conclusion

Solar has a vast future and one must switch to making the good use of solar energy. If you are planning to install solar panels, ensure that the Solar EPC Company in Delhi is an emerging leader in residential and commercial rooftop solar segment.



Parul Chauhan
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