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Be Prepared to Pay for Quality – Opt for Raw Meat for Dogs from Stella & Chewy’s

Parc Chien Interieur
Be Prepared to Pay for Quality – Opt for Raw Meat for Dogs from Stella & Chewy’s

Many believe that in feeding their dog commercially produced foods; they are giving them the best they possibly can. In certain case when expensive brand food is used. But, when it comes to many cheaper brands of commercial produced food, this is not the case. In order to cut costs, and make the max profit they can, the makers of these cheap foods do not always stick to Viande crue pour chien or quality ingredients. Instead, they use ingredient that will otherwise be tossed away.

Demerit of cheap manufactured dog foods

This include things like chicken and meat by-products such as offal, hooves, bones, feathers as well as spoil grains that are labeled as unfit for human consumption. These foods are designed to be attractive to the owner rather than the dog since they don’t care what their food looks like judging rather by smell.

As such the manufacturers coat the food in flavoring with strong smell like fat, to disguise its true smell and encourage the dog to eat the food. In case you wish to feed your dog with something commercial, be prepared to pay for the quality. The more expensive brands are usually healthier and contain nutrient your beloved canine need. If you are unable to afford your pet the quality commercial food, you should consider making your dog’s meal yourself.

Stella & Chewy’s patties commitment

Now, there are small batches of dinner patties that are hand crafted with care in Stella & Chewy’s own kitchen. This commitment assured for the best quality product and highest level of food safety. This not only uses quality ingredients responsible source from rancher and farmer that are recognized for their superior, rather also are human grade highest level of food quality ingredient for handling safety and nothing from China, ever.

Give your dog what he deserves

In addition, these are 100% organic fruits and vegetable where the recipes incorporate vitamins and minerals from vegetables, certified organic fruits that are wholesome. Some of the benefit that your dog will love is that they are healthy digestion. Raw natural whole foods optimal digestibility for your pet from Stella and Chewy’s includes only limited ingredient, simple with no gluten or grains to best accommodate dogs with food sensitivities.

Exceptional taste even for the pickiest

Best of all, your pet will love the taste of Stella dinner patties food that comes with protein rich ingredient in their natural state deliver exceptional taste for even the pickiest eater.

Since every dog want natural nutrient and wholesome food, the Chewy’s raw diet focuses on raw protein and pure ingredient so you can feed them as nature intends.

The Stella & Chewy’s believes that pure raw nutrition fed in its natural state is the perfect way to help your dog thrive. With the help of limited ingredient recipes, the food can be made oure and simple. Here each batch starts with organs, bones, 90% or more meat that is the single source of animal protein, and a perfect solution for dogs with food sensitivities.

The final thought

Finally, each protein is wild caught, cage-free, grass-fed to guarantee your dog is eating as nature intends. As all the produce of the recipe is trusted, grown by farmers and 100% organic certified, they are crafted with care to render highest level of protein rich meat and quality as if they were in the wild.

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Parc Chien Interieur
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