How to Use Cloudways Promo Code To Get Free Hosting Credit?

Alex Brian

If you are looking for a reliable and super-fast cloud hosting then your search is over here. Today in this article we are going to share one of the best cloud web hostings which come with great functionality and super-fast performance speed.

Why the best and fast web hosting is important?

If you are a beginner then your mind would be filled with a lot of questions about web hosting and why everyone tells to buy only best web hosting? what is the reason? All these doubts will be cleared in this article. 

The best web hosting works as the core of a blog. the life and functions of the blog depending on web hosting. it's like the brain of the blog. so if the web hosting is working excellently then the blog will work with its full potential. Due to the best performance of the website the blog will have higher chances of beating its competition with speed and performance and content also. But content is a different side of blogging. the first part is to build a powerful and capable website which can provide valuable content and also sufficient to manage traffic on it. the only lookout with best web hosting is that it comes with an expensive cost and that is the biggest turn off for most people.

On the other hand after seeing huge prices of the best web hosting they turn to cheap hosting to start their blog but later they come to know that cheap hosting is not doing anything for the growth of the website instead it is rusting the blog. many times the server would be down or the web page will take up to 10 seconds to load and from the studies, it is proven that slow pages are the biggest reason of bouncing of users from a website.

So it is always recommended to build the website with only fast and powerful web hosting so that your blog can achieve its fullest potential.

Why people don't buy the best web hosting?

There can be some reasons for not buying the best web hosting but the top of them is its price. when new bloggers or someone who wants to start their website sees the price of the web hosting then they change their mind. they drop the idea of starting a blog or they search for cheap hosting. this is because in the start not everyone has the knowledge of blogging and they don't realize how to choose the right product and services. this becomes the biggest regret because they when they will realize it would be too late.

But thanks to some best web hosting who understands this and they brings many discount offers and discount coupons so that everyone can take benefits of their product.

The web hosting which we are talking about in this article is Cloudways.


Cloudways is a powerful cloud hosting which comes with many premium services. it has been serving the market for many years. Cloudways has powerful cloud servers which are powerful enough to handle huge traffic on it.

Cloudways is servers are built with advance and fast technology such as SSD storage space for getting higher and smoother performance. the SSD drives are more powerful and faster than HHD drives which come in every machine. But few only use for best services. 

Other than that Cloudways have CND system for increasing the global reach of the website. CloudwaysCND works as when anyone tries to access the website then the main server will send the user to the server which is closer to the user. Due to this the transfer speed increasing and also the speed of blog is increased. This system is simple and powerful to server huge traffic across the world with fear of a severing crash.

Cloudways comes with loads of features which is very beneficial for bloggers as they offer free services and products free of cost and this helps them to save some money on the services by getting is for free in Cloudways.

They provide free SSL certificate, unlimited free site migration, SSD storage space, CloudwaysCND, Free WordPress cache plugin, two-factor authentication security and many more.

Using Cloudways hosting will not only boost the performance speed of the blog but also the SEO ranking. For beating your competition in the search result you need to make your blog SEO ranking higher than your competition. The SEO ranking depends on many factors like speed, performance, traffic, size, response, content.

Cloudways provides free SSL certificate in all their plans. the best thing about it is that you will save a lot of money on the SSL certificate because it is costly and second it will give an SEO boost in the start. So it will help you to increase the SEO ranking and it will also help to gain users trust on your website.

How to get Cloudways $30 promo code?

Cloudways many times offers huge discount coupon codes as the opportunity to save some money on the deal and those who were unable to buy it before, now they can buy it. this is the best offer to take advantage of so just get the Cloudways promo code to get the huge discount. For more info, I'd suggest take a look at Bloggingscout.com which is filled of latest working Cloudways Coupons.

The Cloudways promo code can get from this here and after copying the promo code you just have to paste it at the time of purchase.


Cloudways hosting is the best Cloud hosting service which offers great discount deals for those who are thinking it is very expensive. With the Cloudways Coupon code, you can take benefits of the same service in a discounted deal. So you don't have to compromise with the cheap hosting and you can fulfill the dream of creating an online business. Cloudways also offers a free trial of their services so if anyone wants to test the service before becoming sure to buy it. they can start their free trial for 14 days without providing any credit card details.

Alex Brian
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