What is the difference between interior design and interior architect?

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Interior architecture and interior design are two very important aspects of building design. Interior architect is the balance between art and science of designing an interior space by taking all elements of the building. 

But, an interior designer should have training in interior architecture. Anyone who does not have the professional accreditation from an architectural body, they cannot be considered as an interior designer. The interior designers working in Niftyinterio are the best interior designers in Hyderabad. Our interior designers have broad-ranging profession taking into account all aspects of designing and planning. Because of the versatility, our interior designers are considered as one of the top interior designers in Hyderabad


The specialty between two interior designers can vary greatly. Their way of designing, decorating the room varies. 

Because of the increasing responsibilities and scope of interior designers, interior architectures have come into use. Also due to large improvements in the design technology (CAD) and developments in interior design education, the demand for interior designers is increasing. There are many degree courses available for the students to avail the knowledge about the structural technical elements of buildings, which minimize the difference between interior designers and interior architectures. We have the best interior designers in Hyderabad who have got a high degree in interior decoration. 

We have already discussed that the specialty, as well as the role of two different interior designers, are different drastically. One may have speciality with décor, small scale projects, soft furnishings and other may have speciality in large projects including artistic, technical and aesthetic skills. But to be one of the top interior designers in Hyderabad, they should have knowledge of interior architecture. 

Interior architectures need interior designers for the consideration of every single aspect of the interior design space which will affect human habitation involving finishes, materials, electrical equipment, lighting, plumbing, ventilation, ergonomics and intelligent use of space. The interior designers in Hyderabad have the training in interior architecture and have an important say during all stages of the construction process, starting from initial plans till the finishing touches.  

Interior designers have a concern regarding the aesthetics of the building including colour schemes, artwork, and furniture. They give importance to the art side of design but less with science. They have no concern with the structural design of the building and there is no requirement to know about building regulations. Other than décor, they don’t have any concern about anything. 

Interior designers are not getting involved from the starting of the building and also no need to have any detailed knowledge of technical elements such as CAD or any structural design. But to be one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad, they must have very artistic as well as a fantastic eye for aesthetic detail and interior design trend. In this competitive market, all interior designers and also interior architects should be skilled enough in the art of interior decoration to complete the job efficiently. 

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