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Receive Calls From Prison To Cell Phone

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Receive Calls From Prison To Cell Phone

How Would Be the Situation For People When They Have Their Loved Ones In Jail


It is like dealing with most difficult times when people have their loved ones in jail and when we do not have options to meet them or talk to them frequently. People often get depressed when they do not have options to either meet or talk to their loved ones who are in jail serving a sentence. Currently, telecom companies are providing calls from prison to cell phone that are not expensive at all.


Now you need not worry if you have your loved one in jail since best options of talking on phone for unlimited time have come up through certain private telecom companies. As the technologies have advanced now with time, telecom companies have come up with the best and affordable calling packages for inmates’ outgoing calls.


Advancement of Technology


With the advancement of technology, things have become much easier now. Earlier communicating with a long distance loved one was a barrier because of the high costs involved, but now it has become really cheap to talk to your loved ones and quite affordable. Communication always acts as the key to keep you in touch with your family and friends.


Inmates call to their loved ones using the latest technology of VOIP service provided by the telecom companies. This is one of the latest and cheapest methods of calling your loved ones at longer distances using an advanced technology called VOIP services. This way one can collect calls from any jail in Canada from the inmates. Such opportunities would be charged at a local call rate instead of long distance call rates.


Easy to Sign Up


These services are free to sign up and very easy to do so, on the click of a mouse button on the Internet that allows you to talk to your loved ones. Absolutely no issues signing up. If you are tired spending amounts at the higher side earlier, save money now the latest unlimited packages of calling. Since lot of telecommunication companies have come up with pocket friendly calling packages, you just need to sign up online.


What Is the Procedure of Calling An Inmate?


Inmates in jails are not permitted to receive calls as per the rules and regulations of the correctional centres and can only make outgoing calls to their loved ones. This method of calling is called collect call system.


Prepaid and Inmate debit calling system provides a phone number local to the facility, where the inmate is located, at a low flat monthly rate without any hidden fees or charges.


Collect Calls Procedure


Collect phone calls have a default calling option from jails. Inmates have the choice of placing collect calls to telephone numbers approved by the correctional facility.



Disadvantates of Collect Call System:


There are also difficulties or demerits with collect calls system:

  • You would not be strictly not allowed to call to office phones, hospital numbers or cell phones.
  • Calls would not exceed 20 phone numbers maximum.
  • You would not exactly know how much cost has incurred and you may not be able to budget the cost.
  • One has to spend a lot of money than expected.


If you reach the maximum bill amount while using this facility, your number would be blocked from receiving calls from the inmates who call you. In such cases, you can sign up for a prepaid calling account or inmate debit calling account and begin receiving calls again.


Plan now and register the best calling account for your calls from prison to cell phone.

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