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How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Sanjeev Kumar
How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Whether one has a food delivery service or a massive start-up, Competitive Intelligence is a way to advance in business. All of us are in continuous competition with our opponents. For growth, we must do more than the regular demands of the market.  

Before we jump into dynamics, first let us understand the meaning of competitive intelligence.

With gravitation toward digital publications, it is easy to access all kinds of information. Competitive Intelligence is a type of Market Intelligence. Market Intelligence uses advertised data to analyze the culpability of future market opportunities and strategies.

Interestingly, this is where competitive intelligence comes in handy. Using content analysis tools, a firm wanting to expand its horizons will research and improve their competitiveness in the market.

They watch, collect, understand, and finally disseminate this intelligence. This intelligence is inclusive of the data about market opponents, tools, clientele, distributors and the invested capital.


Consistency always helps out

The job of competitive intel is a 24/7 run. You cannot do it sometimes and expect reasonable output. Your understanding of the data must be in-depth to make you predict market patterns. Having expectations is not good for your company’s growth. You need to be consistently checking the emerging market trends. By this, you will be able to judge your competitors’ future actions.

Exposed successes and failures

In doing so, you will be able to recognize the value of what they did right and what they did not. This is an advantage that can guide you as you tread along the way. Fortunately, the digital world has made us visible to one another. This means that the people who were in your line of business before you are completely exposed. Their successful schemes, unmet targets, priorities, target audience are out in the open for you to be analyzed.

Don’ts help more than dos

Knowing what to do right is one thing. Whereas, knowing what to avoid doing means so much more in the long run. Their lack of success can mean a lack of errors on your part. This can increase your company’s presence in almost no time. Artificial intelligence has brought the human race far. With that, our competitors have also escalated in high numbers.

Do not forget the small and new rivals

Keeping a close watch on people who are new to the business is as important as on those who are not. New and small competitors share the same benefits as you. There might be a glaring difference in their line of sight. If they can open new doors in the competitive landscape, it is still not too late. It is only a question of probing extraordinarily and staying open-minded to your means.

The customer is always right

What matters the most is how you interact with your clientele. Your clients can provide you with answers that no intelligence can give you. Having said that, if you give them back as per what they desire, the exchange can be beneficial to you even if does not seem so.

Laws and flaws

Always look out for legal changes that influence your company. Political updates and changes in law reveal commercial growth. Bearing in mind the same and authorizing supervision can secure your interests.

Unique products sell

A significant change can be brought if you offer unique products. Even if the product is the same, it still can be offered differently. Your service, behavior analysis, data visualization tools can have an adverse effect. This primacy on the market will generate a paradigm shift in your ends.

Stability is bad

Although, one should never be satisfied a lot with their level of growth. For stability can leave you in a false sense of security. It can also make us hate change. This toxic rigidity can cut us off from new clients. Failure is inevitable; we must keep trying new schemes to cater dynamically. And staying fixated is the only failure we should fear.

Competitive Intelligence comprises of a whole lot of things. It teaches you to optimize your manufacturing processes, anticipate changes in costs, evaluate leaks and capture the latest advancements. But it does not mean everything that you have to do. You have to make your priority to set your business idea straight first. This intel helps in flexibility, but we must keep our company intact.

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