Impact of Mobile Phones in Daily Life

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In today’s world, it is very difficult to keep people away from mobile phones. We all are also strongly bonded within the Social Media Network (Impact of Mobile Phones). Mature people can maintain the pace but children and youth get highly affected by the mobile phone usage, may be in a positive or negative manner.

As already we are aware mobile phones work in a radio-frequency environment with more and more technological development. The radiations emitted by extensive mobile usage can have adverse effects on children, youth, adults and old people.


Positive Impact of Mobile Phones

Positive effect of Mobile Phones is seen in Education, it has become very convenient. Students can easily interact with their fellow friends’ for important data for class work or assignments. It is also successful for gathering information to prepare project reports and other educational purposes. Teachers also find it easy to keep their students updated with the class and exam schedules.

Social sites like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Indeed.com etc., perform the short cuts for applying and getting jobs. It gives better prospect to candidates who are seeking for particular job profile. One can search for jobs or people of their choice to work for or work with in no time on mobile phones.

The easiest way to advertise anything is to upload it on social sites. Social media within no time conveys the news or information than any other media like radio, television or newspapers. These days we are provided with government sites as well as private sites for filing documents. Ticket booking has become very serviceable to the customers, may it be for a movie show, a hotel in a far town or for an overseas travel trip.

Through many years, mobiles have helped people to stay connected with their distant friends, relatives and other influential people in their lives, which would have otherwise been impossible. Hence, mobile phones are an excellent platform to promote and facilitate innumerable things.

But there is a fact that for every positive side there lays negative side too. Because, people starts misusing the amenities instead of its use and this creates problems.

Health Issues:

Various researchers have pointed out that just 2 minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the brain for up to an hour. The radio waves transmitted from the mobile usage deep into the brain, not just around the ear. This disturbs the brain activity which could impair the abilities of working (Impact of Mobile Phones). Not only had this it also creates many health related problems and behavioral problems. They have tremendous mood swings and also hamper the ability of learning, thinking, decision making and working activities on whatever platform they are on.

Effect on Teens:

Teens are highly addicted to mobile phones and looking to them children is also following the same. They talk to their friends, play games, chat and always hang on their mobile phone all the time. Along with the academics query, many students make their daily trips to their school with their mobile phones. They chat on the phone during the break time and send messages during the classes. Finally they miss the lesson taught and fall behind the other students.

Inappropriate Behavior:

Mobile usage leads children to engage in improper behaviors. Transferring inappropriate text, messages and pictures is a growing problem with teens. The pictures go in the wrong hands and are misused, also giving access to the private photos. Children get in habit to access pornographic sites from their multimedia devices.

Inhibition of Brain Development:

Smart phones screens can affect health of people especially babies whose brains are still developing. Psychologists says the first three years of a child’s life are “the critical period” in brain development because what the child’s brain perceive during these years becomes the permanent base upon which all future learning relies (Impact of Mobile Phones). Receiving information from the real world around them helps babies to transmit via neural pathways will make their brains strong and healthy.

Harming Teens’ Brains:

Though older kids don’t  face the situation of intense brain development as babies, kids’ and adolescents‘ but  brains continue to develop and can be harmed by too much usage of  smart phones.

Brains of teenagers are very adaptable and keep switching rapidly between many activities such as texting and using social media is associated with lower levels of brain matter in teens which is responsible for emotional processing and decision-making (Impact of Mobile Phones).

For interpreting emotions and for focusing on tasks another part of our brains is used which becomes active around 20s. This also gets harmed by long smart phone usage. This has been explained by Paul Atchley, a psychology professor at the University of Kansas, he said it is important to train that prefrontal cortex not to be easily distracted.  But what we are seeing today is that young people are constantly getting distracted, and also less sensitive to the emotions of others.

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