How to Make Money through Facebook, Top Tips and Trick

jessy Ryder

Since the time of its inception, Facebook has become the most popular social media network. People all over the world love to surf this social networking website. Some people use it to connect to their friends, relatives, or long lost connections while others use it to earn money. People who own a business or are looking to sell items can make money through Facebook

Who all can earn money from Facebook?

Making money on Facebook is pretty easy. With consistent hard work, regular updates, and not giving up attitude till the end. Never give up working if your campaign does not work on the first go itself. The saying first impression is the last impression works here also. The first impression given by your Facebook profile will play a significant role in helping you to make money.

Always remember that Facebook is full of spammers, so your profile should look like a real person. Put your profile picture and any business logo if you have. The rest of the details should also be correct. Contact information and website should also be included. Also, beware of spammers. Due to spammers all around Facebook rather than earning people end up losing money. 

Making money with Facebook

Once done with the profile, you can start making money on Facebook. Listed below are a few things that can be helpful in earning money. 

1) Writing a Facebook post

When you are just selling to your Facebook friends, you can write a post about it. You can include what you are selling along with a picture. If your friends share your post on their wall, then friends of a friend can also see your selling items. This way you can sell things to your friends rather than to a stranger. Once your friend shares interest in your product, you can start conversing with him/her through messenger. 

2) Join your local buying/selling group

When you are selling an item in a particular place, then just posting about it on your wall won’t help. At this point, you need to join a local buy and sell group. In such groups, you can get people from a particular area that may be interested in your item. 

3) Sponsored posts

This is yet another way to make money from Facebook. You write good things about the products and services of a company, and you get paid for it. The post can maintain complete transparency about the products. You can post this post on the calendar or maybe your blog. And then you can promote these posts on to your Facebook account.

viThe post that you don’t follow and yet see on your account is actually a promoted post. To get the post promoted, you need to pay money. This can be done from the Facebook business page and then click on the post to be sponsored. On the boost post button, you can select the audience depending upon the city, gender, or age, and amount of money you spend. If promoting post does not fit your budget, then you can try old fashion tricks to socialize your post and start Earning on Facebook.

4) Affiliate links

This is very much similar to sponsored posts. In this, you sell the products of another company and get paid for it. You are required to convince the audience through the reviews and posts to buy these products. You can further share affiliate links on your Facebook account. This will increase the audience for the products. With the combined traffic from Facebook and website, you can get a steady income flow through affiliate marketing. 

5) Market your e-book on Facebook

If you have writing skills, you can give a hand at writing an e-book. You can write about what you. After a lot of hard work, time, and effort, now the next step is to promote the book. Maybe you have a special portion of your website to promote the book, and blog posts have pop-ups and many other offers that convince customers to buy a book.

Here you can use your Facebook account to get that advantage. On the buy and sell option of your Facebook business page, share all your blog posts about the e-book. You can post a link from where customers will be directed to buy options. You can also write reviews and testimonials about the utility of the book. This is a slow process but will boost up the sales. 

6) Sell the Facebook p

Your Facebook business page will keep growing till you toil hard on it. With continuous hard work, you can get thousands or maybe a million followers. With the time you change your mind to deactivate the account. But directly, don’t jump and deactivate the account. Think about what worth your Facebook page has for you.

Some potential buyers may be interested in buying your page. Remember not to sell your Facebook page to anyone and everyone. Check the credibility of the person to whom you are selling. Depending upon the followers on your page, you can ask for the amount. 

7) Sell links on Fiverr

If you are not interested in selling your Facebook page, then you can also link. This is also a very common practice, although not explored enough like other tricks. There are a few risks involve, like it can affect the rankings. When the link selling work is done quietly, there might be no damage as such.

A small business may not afford the cost offer of link selling. For such people, Fiverr comes as a good option. The cost of Fiverr is five dollars, which is economical. Although link selling may not be in everybody’s mind, it is a worth trying option. 

8) Live videos on Facebook

Today almost everybody is using Facebook and live video making on Facebook. This live video is a recent feature added to Facebook. In 2015 Facebook introduced a policy according to which the ads running prior to a live video can help you to make money.

Around 55% share will be of the person who makes the ads, and 45% will be of the Facebook. This is quite a good deal. Also, through the videos, you can get connected to the new potential customers.

You can also introduce a new aspect of your business to the customers through these live videos. Remember that the video is live, so proper planning should be done before making one. There is an option to reshoot to get a perfect take. 


So explore the new way to make money through Facebook. Don’t be just limited to get connected to old friends. Take time, create a Facebook page, and with little effort to start earning.

You can also buy real Facebook comment and likes for your post, which will help you more video views.  The more like and view your post gets the more you make through Facebook.


jessy Ryder
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