How do I pair my Echo device

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Alexa is the most amazing invention that has taken a special place in the hearts of many people. It can do many things for you such as play your favorite music, provide you the latest weather news updates, set alarms, reminders, turn off-on lights and fans and a lot more. You can download the Alexa app for your Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows. If you need guidance to pair the Echo device, you may contact the experts. The guiding steps provided by the professionals for the Alexa app for PC, you can directly call at Alexa Tech support phone number.

Steps to pair the Echo device

• Check if your device supports Bluetooth which your Echo Dot can recognize.
• You need to disconnect any other Bluetooth devices from the Echo Dot.
• Now turn on the mobile device, you can set the device to pairing mode, and keep it close to your Echo Dot.

Pair the mobile device with Echo Dot:

• The first step is to open the Alexa app.
• Then you can open the left navigation panel, and then choose the Settings.
• Choose the Echo Dot, and then click on Bluetooth option and then Pair a New Device. Now your Echo Dot device enters into a pairing mode.
• You can now open the Bluetooth settings menu on the mobile device and then choose the Echo Dot. It may take some time, so you need to wait for a while. After the successful connection, your Alexa tells you if the connection is successful.
• To disconnect the mobile device from the Echo Dot, you can say ‘Disconnect’.

For any queries or doubts during install Alexa app, you can approach the expert technicians for instant help. We are providing 24/7 hour assistance to help the customers; do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are known to all the common issues that you may face while using the Alexa. Feel free to contact us as we are here to serve you.

better ressult
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