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Keep Your ESA Happy and Healthy

Lidia Smith
Keep Your ESA Happy and Healthy

The holiday season is here! And everyone, including your ESA, is happy about it. This time of the year is filled with lots of hustle and if you have kids, your emotional su[port dog will be happy than ever to have them around.

Where the holiday season brings lots of joy and activities, it can also be potentially dangerous for your dog or any other emotional support animal that you have. To make sure that Coco enjoys as much as you do, prepare beforehand.

The first thing is to get or renew your emotional support dog letter so that no unlikely incident happens and once you are done with it go through the following list.

1.Serve him the Right Festive Food and Treats

Humans and dogs have different dietary requirements and physical composition. Therefore, many things that are good for you may not be good for Coco. treats like chocolates, alcoholic drinks, raisins, and other packaged food, that they could swallow and choke on, are harmful to him.

2.Tell your Guests the Dos and Don’ts of Feeding Coco

Having guests over for dinners and other festivities is common in the holiday season. Make an instruction board and write down all the things that they could and that they could not give to your dog. This will help them in offering festive treats to Coco.

The holiday season could be stressful and demanding for us but, remember, that is could be equally stressful for Coco also.

3.Prepare a Quite Place for Him

Just like us, animals also feel anxious and restless due to all the people going in and out of the house. The activities, guests, noise and change in the daily routine, everything could leave Coco stressed out. What to do? Prepare a quiet place for him in the corner of the room. Be it your bedroom or any other place in the house, keep some food and a dog coach to help him get some rest.

4.Try to Maintain the Routine

Try to maintain and follow the routine as closely as possible. Give the meals at the same time and try to take him to walks also. We know it could be difficult but a little time spent on planning goes a long way.

Keeping ESA come with great responsabilty on you. you have to qualify for esa letter for housing.The best way of making the most of it is to have some ‘our time’ daily in which you go for a walk or run with your dog.

Watch informative video about emotional support animal training.



Lidia Smith
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