Warehouse Management System – Role and Functions in Logistics Chain

Ritesh Patil

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the cornerstone of the logistics system. A WMS constitutes an internal system of the logistics companies, which is highly configurable to control and manage aspects of storage, distribution, others. A robust WMS is what an organization needs for efficient and productive operations, which includes inventory balance, manage materials, pickup process and auditing.

If you are lacking an effective WMS, then it is impossible to achieve an extraordinary functioning logistic system. An effective WMS involves using a customized set of solutions for smooth workflow and not just the data or storage handling procedure.

Importance of WMS

Warehouse management process is important to meet the most primary business objective, which is to keep the operations cost low as possible and maximize the profit margin.

Read on to know why warehousing and logistics is important for your business –

1. Inventory Control and Management

The common challenge of most businesses is to maintain the accuracy of the inventory. An effective WMS will help you manage the inventory in a fast, easy, and efficient way. You can improve the accuracy of the inventory by decreasing the order cycle time and improve the order fulfillment. WMS will help you decrease the inventory level by tracking every aspect of the inventory using real-time information.

Not only you will have better knowledge of what is in the warehouse but you can also better track any changes required. You can better serve your clients as WMS facilitates quick response to customers’ demands and queries.

2. Centralized Location
A warehouse management system saves huge time and cost by getting a centralized storage location. Storage, shipping and distribution are much easy if you have a centralized location as you can overcome the production gap. Not only you can be in quick reach of your supplier but also the target market. So, you can have a continuous flow of goods in and out which determines the firm’s logistics supply chain system.

The centralized location of logistic warehousing gives you the opportunity to have security stocking. It means you can fulfill customer’s orders on time and deliver the right product at the right time.

Key Features of WMS

-Warehouse Designing
Logistic warehousing ensures additional storage and optimized inventory allocation. You can customize not only the workflow but also handle any variations in seasonal inventory.

-Real-Time Capabilities
It is essential for a business to obtain real-time information, which mandates an advanced warehouse management system. To enable real-time inventory processing and improved accuracy you can leverage integrated hardware and software programs.

-Picking Process
Warehouse management system process has a huge influence on the supply chain’s productivity and is because of the order picking an element. Warehouse workers can better perform the pick-and-pack tasks by wave picking, zone picking, batch picking, and other functions. Packaging is much more comfortable now as the modern 3Pl logistic companies can package all our products if you are selling the same products to different customers under the same brand.

Benefits of WMS in Logistics

There are several benefits you can gain by choosing and implementing the right WMS for your logistics business. Some of them are listed below-

❖ Optimize Your Process
You can leverage the versatility of excellent warehouse management systems whether it is equipment automation or tracking barcodes, or smart scales. A good warehouse management system will seamlessly optimize your business process.

So, you can align the operations with the business goals, establish key performance indicators, implement equipment automation, and gather real-time intelligence on the ongoing process.

❖ Improve the Supplier and Customer Relationships
An efficient run logistic warehouse monitors buyer’s behaviors, fluctuations in demand and supply, order accuracy errors and others that reduce the delivery lead time. Eventually, you can attain 100% client satisfaction and achieve high sales numbers. Together with the feature of the centralized locations, you can also eliminate any friction with suppliers.

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Ritesh Patil
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