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Solar rooftop system in hyderabad

Priyanka Chopra
Solar rooftop system in hyderabad

Budding Leaf Infratech is a leading solar energy business solutions provider offering extensive clean energy solutions and consultancy services for setting up on-site (rooftop and ground mounted), off-site, domestic, institutional and commercial solar projects. We specialize in providing highly efficient solar PV modules and varied range of solar products along with industry-class EPC solutions. Amongst the few fast growing energy solutions provider, we have successfully demonstrated our involvement in execution, commissioning and operations of various solar projects.

We take pride in having a track record of over 700 installations of operational and under-construction projects across India ever since its inception in 2012. With a well-diversified renewable energy portfolio, the company has 4 MW of operational solar projects spread across the country.

We provide solar PV modules and varied range of solar products with customized energy solutions for cheaper electricity generation from sunlight for an environment-friendly and hassle-free experience. Our industry-class solar EPC solutions help our clients to convert their idle rooftop space into an inexpensive and reliable power generator while reducing the carbon footprint and meeting their sustainability goals.

With solar on your roof, your power bills will be massively reduced because you will need less electricity from the grid. The cost of electricity from the grid is expected to rise in the coming years, so your cost savings should also rise! And with a linear power warranty of 25 years, you can expect long-term cost savings from avoiding the cost of expensive electricity from the grid.

Budding Leaf through its integrated Rooftop solar solutions, is leading the charge of India's energy revolution – to take India from depending on traditional forms of energy to being one of the world's solar superpowers.

Investing in rooftop solutions leads to great savings, while protecting the environment. Budding leaf Power Solar offers solar rooftop for home. Save and Earn from your idle rooftop space.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Rooftop Systems

A steep rise in electricity bills have resulted in increasing overheads in the commercial sector. This has paved way for many commercial establishments looking for alternative sources of electricity. Rooftop Solar Panels have emerged as the best source of renewable energy which not only is cost effective but also helps create a positive impact on the environment. This is the reason why more and more commercial and industrial enterprises are going for Rooftop Solar Panels to cut down overhead costs. Budding Leaf Infratech offers customized Rooftop Solar Calculator System for commercial and industrial purposes. It provides a good return of investment by enabling them to reduce their minimal recurring expenses (diesel/furnace oil) and electricity bills significantly. With Commercial Rooftop Solar Power, establishments can expect payback in mere 3-4 years of installation.

A money-saving choice for our commercial and industrial clients, Budding Leaf Infratech Rooftop solar panels for home System once installed and commissioned enable free solar power going forward. What’s more? We have helped enormous businesses translate their idle rooftop space into additional revenue generator.

We have successfully delivered our services to PSUs, educational institutions, independent commercial and industrial establishments.

Get in touch with us to convert your vacant rooftop space into a great investment option

Installation requirements

There are quite a few factors which decide the feasibility of installing Residential rooftop solar. These include

  • Empty space in the southward direction so that the Rooftop Solar panel can absorb maximum solar energy
  • A minimum of 100 square feet area for installation of 1KW solar power output
  • For grid-interactive Solar Rooftop Systems, only a standard bi-directional meter, as approved by MNRE/TSSPDCL/DISCOM, should be installed.
  • The consumer shall have 1 phase/ 3 phase supply service connection.
  • A single bi-directional meter shall be installed for export and import of power


Solar panel for home system mechanism is based on harnessing sun’s energy to generate electricity.

  1. The Rooftop Solar Panels in Hyderabad which are made up of several photovoltaic cells are arranged on the rooftop space in a manner to be exposed to maximum sunlight.
  2. These solar PV systems capture and absorb the sun’s energy leading to a chemical reaction within the circuit of Rooftop solar power and ultimately turning the energy into direct electric current.
  3. The DC power produced by the Rooftop solar energy is converted to alternating current with the help of an inverter attached to the panels. The AC power is then used by the commercial unit for powering the appliances.
  4. A Bi-Directional Net-Meter measures energy used and excess energy produced



On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Systems are tailored to harness the abundant solar energy and help you convert your idle rooftop space into a revenue generator. The grid-connected solar systems generate electricity through Solar rooftop in hyderabad power for you and help you lower your grid power consumption.

In such systems, a Bi-Directional electricity Net-Meter installed in commercial or industrial units measure the power consumption, excess power exported to the grid, and power imported from the grid. The commercial establishment gets paid for any excess energy that gets stored within the grid by the power supply from the Solar rooftop system in hyderabad.


The following section contains the most commonly utilized components of a Rooftop solar hyderabad array. Though designs may vary with roof type roof angle, and shading concerns, most arrays consist of some variation of the following components.

  1. Solar Panels produce carbon free electricity when irradiated with light. Often made of Silicon, Solar rooftop companies in hyderabad are made of smaller solar cells which typically number 6 Solar rooftop installation. Multiple solar panels strung together make up a solar array. Rooftop Solar Power Plant Cost are generally protected by tempered glass and secured with an aluminum frame. The front of a Rooftop solar panels cost is very durable whereas the back of a panel is generally more vulnerable.
  2. Mounting clamps generally consist of aluminum brackets and stainless steel bolts that secure Solar rooftop companies to one another on the roof and onto the rails. Clamps often vary in design in order to account for various roof and rail configurations.
  3. Racking or rails are made of metal and often lie in a parallel configuration on the roof for the Solar panel for home price to lie on. It is important that the rails are level enough for the panels to be evenly mounted.[9]
  4. Mounts attach the rails and the entire array to the surface of the Solar home solutions. These mounts are often L brackets that are bolted through flashing and into the rafters of the roof. Mounts vary in design due to the wide range of roof configurations and materials.
  5. Flashings are a durable metal plate that provides a water resistant seal between the mounts and roof surface. Oftentimes, caulk is used to seal the flashing to the roof and it resembles a metal roof shingle for Solar panels company.
  6. DC/AC wiring for inverters connect wires between panels and into a micro inverter or string inverter. No cables should touch the roof surface or hang from the array to avoid weathering and the deterioration of cables.
  7. Micro inverters are mounted to the bottom of the panel and convert DC power from the panels into AC power that can be sent into the grid. Micro inverters allow for the optimization of each panel when shading occurs and specific data from individual panels.

Solar panels companies like budding leaf are best in business contact 9000330068 right now to install in your roof.

Priyanka Chopra
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