Web Server Speed Test | Step by Step Guide

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Testing internet hosting server speed is as straightforward as getting into your web site computer address. However, like the other web site metric testing tool, it’s necessary to utilize a service capable of delivering correct and thorough results.

The HTTP/HTTPS internet Server look at is specifically designed to supply deep-level speed metrics exclusively on internet server health and practicality. This looks at provides results for many KPI’s, together with server response code, time to load, and server response errors. The look at runs from twenty-eight international locations, together with cloud services (AWS) and from behind the good Firewall of China.

The best part? This free tool analyzes your web site in 3 steps:

Step One – Enter Your web site info

From the most page, enter your web site computer address within the search field. confirm to decide on the suitable Server sort (HTTP or HTTPS) moreover because of the Request sort (GET or POST).

Step 2 – offer optional Testing Parameters

Unlike most different internet hosting server speed testing tools, you furthermore may have a group of advanced choices to decide on from. the subsequent 3 testing parameters are adjusted to receive a bespoke in-depth server analysis:

  • Login (User Name/User Password) to verify web site logins
  • GET or POST parameters (Name/Value)
  • Headers (Name/Value)

Step 3 – ensure knowledge and Receive Report

Once you ensure your info is correct, the press begins to look at and during a matter of moments you’ll receive a whole breakdown of internet server response times, speed and different essential server insights.

Once the look at is complete, you'll review the results from every location, categorized by the subsequent performance indicators:

  • Monitoring Time (GMT)
  • Duration (msec)
  • Status
  • Error Description
  • Error Code
tez host
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