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Building Augmented Reality Apps with ViewAR

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Building Augmented Reality Apps with ViewAR

The rising popularity of AR apps is vindication that tech-savvy consumers have an inclination for immersive experiences. Businesses looking to monetize this trend can take advantage of AR development toolkits to accelerate time to market for AR apps. Let’s explore ViewAR, a leading toolkit that is popular among AR app developers. 


The ViewAR SDK is replete with interactive modules that developers can choose from. It supports all tracking systems including ARKit, ARCore, Wikitude, etc. ViewAR is powered with Vuforia Engine that is effective for creating interactive apps. It enables users to move around virtual objects and view them on the right scale. The easy to use app builder can even customize business apps with a user-friendly configurator view. Developers can change the background color, buttons, and texts effortlessly using ViewAR’s intuitive development interface.  


ViewAR Success Story 


ViewAR provides consumer businesses several business opportunities with deeper audience engagement. The very famous BeoHome Design app was created with a ViewAR builder. The app successfully delivered a compelling experience to millions of customers that made it won the “Best App” category at Augmented World Expo 2016.  

ViewAR Use Cases 


Wolken Werk- Wolven Werk is an Augmented reality apartment building app developed using ViewAR. The app is for architects and engineers to create complex 3D/2D models and Build Information Modelling (BIM) to construct new apartments. With this app, architects can give their clients an exact idea about how a project or construction site will look after completion. 


Royal Botania - Belgian outdoor luxury furniture retailer Royal Botania uses a ViewAR app to sell its merchandise. They have featured 40+ products customized in 30+ material finishes in their app. Shoppers can virtually try Royal Botania’s products in their homes to select the most appealing options. ViewAR’s ARKit tracking system enables shoppers to mark terrace corners. In addition, they can add doors, building walls, and windows within the app to generate a 3D model of the desired space. 


Markilux- Markilux has a great name in offering affordable awning covers for patios and conservatory to protect solar panels, terrace furniture from rains and sunlight. Markilux used ViewAR to create a feature-rich 3D AR app. The app’s AR-mode provides marker-less experience with precise measurements so shoppers can enjoy their awning buying experience. 


Implenia Raunheim: Implenia Raunheim is an AR app built using ViewAR. The app was designed for employees to make the orientation easier. The app is imported with a BIM model to showcase room information and furniture layout in a newly constructed office. The app enables users to access 3D model enriched rooms, find the shortest way to coffee machines even before they enter the building. 



We build AR apps using Amazon Sumerian toolkit and Facebook Spark AR Studio too 




Some areas where AR apps can be built with ViewAR 


Education: AR creates an immersive environment for students to make learning easier. It replaces the traditional way of learning to enhance the skills of the students. It can be used to inculcate special skills in them to enhance their overall personality. 


Retail: AR plays a significant role in today's physical retail environment. Harley Davidson is branding its products through the AR app to enable users to use showroom products. Shoppers can view an in-store motorcycle, customize its colors and features using the app. 


Design and Modelling: AR  is frequently used by architects, engineers, and design professionals to create - Build Information Modelling (BIM). It enables designers to visualize the final products before its ready. It can be used to show clients in advance how a particular construction site will look after completion.


Medical Training: AR technology creates an immersive environment for medical students. It plays a critical role in virtually training employees to perform an MRI or a complex surgery. Medical personnel can use AR to learn new operation techniques without risking a life. For example, simulation can be created to train surgeons on using a new variety of surgical instruments.  


AR VR app development companies are using ViewAR as an app development tool for creating interactive AR apps for its customers. The platform is increasingly used for creating industrial apps, real estate apps and more. The app builder creates apps for improving brand engagement, increasing business sales and profit. 


Are you planning to upgrade your business apps with AR, VR and MR technologies? Talk to our software developers today. We are an Augmented Reality app development company that builds robust and feature-rich applications for enterprises across the globe. We enable businesses from retail, real estate, and healthcare to incorporate AR, VR and MR technologies to provide immersive experiences. For more details contact our experts today 

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