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5 Mask This Natural Material should Not Be Applied Directly to the Skin of the Face

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5 Mask This Natural Material should Not Be Applied Directly to the Skin of the Face

Applying a mask can indeed help solve the problem on the face skin, absorb excess oil, remove dirt for up to mengelupasi dead cells. As expressed by At Home Diva, that face mask has moisturizing agents such as natural oils, vitamins and minerals that will help make the facial skin more supple and elastic.

There are many stores sell face masks, but some people prefer the natural ingredients are directly applied to the face, But as long as this does indeed take care of facial skin with natural ingredients in fact is safe and does not cause side effects.

But it turns out that you need be careful. Is he 5 a mask of natural ingredients that should not be applied directly to the face. Following his review :


1. Alcohol is too harsh for facial skin

Alcohol does have anti bacterial properties and has a cool sensation. Now the alcohol has been widely used in skincare products.

But significantly of alcohol has long been known to clean the face, it turns out is not a good liquid for the mask.

Unfortunately applying alcohol to the skin of the face can be dangerous and this way is too harsh for the skin, its effects are susceptible to inflammatory diseases.

Reporting from Gq.com that alcohol can dilate the pores of the facial skin and cause of blackheads. Even also cause papules inflamed skin and cystic acne in the long term.

So should stop the habit of adding the ingredients of the mask with alcohol, yes.


2. Baking soda is not a safe material

Acne occurs when the pores on the face become clogged with oil produced naturally by the body.

But using baking soda as materials natural face masks are not a safe way.

Medical News Today revealed, that the baking soda has a pH level of 9, which means alkaline and can damage the skin of the face and cause some unpleasant side effects.

the devastating Impact of their use as the skin becomes very dry, the onset of wrinkles, acne worsened, thins the layers of skin and causing bacterial easily develo


3. Garlic has a chemical compound that should be avoided

Now many people who really will try anything in the name of beauty. One of them is the use of masks made from natural ingredients.

But unfortunately the content of the garlic as a organic material for mask is too harsh for the skin.

According to Dr Philippa Lowe, dermatologist and Skin Care Expert Simple quoted from the
Cosmopolitan.com that antimicrobial properties of Allicin in garlic is a chemical compound that should be avoided and be a warning in the application directly.

Wear the mask of garlic on a pimple can cause dermatitis and make it blisters that are very painful.


4. Lemon has acidity levels are very high

the Vitamin C from the lemon does have benefits for the health of the body and the skin.

But unfortunately use lemon as a natural ingredients on the face can make the skin feel sore because level of acidity is very high.

So you must be careful, must not be applying so just use freshly squeezed lemon juice directly to the face.

Healthline say, that skin irritation is a side effect most common of use natural masks from the lemon fruit.

it is also Possible its use will experience excessive dryness, redness and peeling skin. So, the use of lemon should be adjusted to the type of skin we yes, the effect of heat and flaking can be very pronounced on the type of kulis super sensitive.


5. Mayonnaise raises the risk of an allergic reaction

do You like to wear a face mask mayonaise? Then how long do you let it?

Yes, actually mayonnaise can not be used as a face mask. The fat content and the oil can clog the pores of the face.

Especially if your skin has acne prone skin, then use a mask of mayonaise can be more oily and at risk of breakouts.

The List.com explained, mayonnaise does have a lot of usefulness when you eat something like chips. But unfortunately the most likely using the mask of mayonaise would be risky cause allergic reactions and skin.

Well, now you already know dong fifth natural ingredients facial skin care that should not be applied in directly.

melly marena
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