Top 5 best size tv for gaming

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While we don't know exactly what the PS5 and Xbox collection X is going to be capable of if they come out later this year, what we can say for sure is that they're going to look much better on one of the greatest gaming TVs than a first-gen HD flatscreen.

That is because, over time, new technologies such as 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are introduced that can make games on those consoles seem AMAZING.

Said simply: that is the golden age of gaming TV and best size tv for gaming

Not sure which TV to buy for the new consoles?

1.Best 4k OLED Gaming TV: LG B9 OLED

The best 4k TV for gaming is the LG B9 OLED. It encompasses the latest technological advances and can be a future-proof model that supports HDMI 2.1, eARC, and HDMI Forum's varying refresh rate for nearly tear-free gaming experiences with devices that support it. It has a remarkably low input lag that will even attract competitive players. Motion handling is excellent as a result of the almost instant response time that delivers fast-moving content with no noticeable blur.

Unfortunately, all OLED TVs possess the danger of temporary picture retention or long-term burn-in. This is sometimes caused by accumulative prolonged exposure to static content like the static elements of most games or the static aspects of a PC's interface. We don't anticipate this to be an issue for the majority of people that watch ordinary, diverse content.

Many of the TV's innovative features are not supported on the current generation of consoles, and PC manufacturers are only starting to incorporate these technologies in their graphics cards. But once the time comes, this unique TV will not let you down and is certainly the ideal OLED for gaming.


If you don't care about future-proofing your buy and you also want to save some money, get the LG B8 while you're still able to find it. You won't get the HDMI 2.1 service or the HDMI Forum variable refresh rate found on the LG B9 OLED, but the image quality and performance of the TV is virtually indistinguishable. It has the same perfect elephants, wide viewing angles, HDR functionality, and best 4k tv for pc gaming instantaneous movement managing.

3.Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019

If you want to have the best OLED for gaming that will also future-proof your buy, opt for the B9, but if you want to conserve a little bit of cash and still get outstanding picture quality and gaming performance, get the B8. It is one of the brightest TVs that we have ever tested, in Addition to having one of the broadest color gamuts we've ever seen, meaning the HDR content really pops, Which Makes It a Fantastic companion to your PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.


It has very rich and deep blacks thanks to its exceptional contrast ratio and great local dimming feature. Though it doesn't support any advanced gaming features, like FreeSync, it's an superb low input lag and delivers very smooth movement with minimal blur supporting fast-moving objects. Thanks to its very high peak brightness, it can easily battle warmth in the very heavily-lit rooms.

5.Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED

Regrettably, like most TVs using a VA panel, the image degrades drastically when seen at an angle, so it is best suited for those who sit straight in front of your TV while gaming, and might not be the best for an 8-person Super Smash Bros. contest. Its grey uniformity is also just adequate, and you may notice some small vignetting in the corners of the screen, though this may not be too noticeable in regular usage. Overall, this is an outstanding 4k gaming TV that offers fantastic image quality and movement handling at a remarkably competitive price point. It can't get nearly as bright as the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019, and it does not handle reflections also, but it offers similar performance for considerably more affordable. Its movement handling is just as great, with an even quicker response time. It has the exact same excellent low input lag, and even offers a dedicated gaming HDMI port that offers slightly lower input lag. Additionally, it does an excellent job at upscaling 1080p content, which is excellent as not all games are native 4k.


Daniel M
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