Top 5 best deadbolt locks

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Many break-ins are committed by offenders who come through the front door, according to Department of Justice figures. Even if you're diligent about locking up, you want a good deadbolt to thwart thieves.

They replicate the test eight times, together with all the ram raised to ever-increasing heights--or before the lock fails.

"When this is the reason, replacing the comprised strike plate using a reinforced strike, which costs as little as $10, enhances the locks' immunity to kicking by magnitudes."

After placing dozens of locks to the evaluation, we've chosen five of the very best deadbolt locks door lock ratings. The listing includes models from August, Medeco, Schlage, and Yale. We have also included four versions to skip. These performed poorly in our physical challenges and/or our evaluations specific to smart locks. CR members can click on every version name for detailed ratings and reviews.

1.Prime-Line Products SE 15361 SEGAL

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Many people prefer the ease of a single cylinder deadbolt. As a result, the best lock you should take a look at is the single cylinder Prime-Line Products SE 15361 SEGAL. This deadbolt sticks to a traditional, no frills layout so you don't need to fret about a complicated installation. The high strength bronze alloy will also keep the deadbolt shielded from external abuse.

Mount this lock in any 1-⅜ into 2-⅜ inch wood or metal door. If you're looking for extra security, the lock's jimmy proof design will prevent forced entry using a traditional lock pick. The lock comes with two keys to talk about with family members if you use it in an exterior door.

2.Best Overall: Kwikset Single Cylinder

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A fantastic deadbolt should be easy to install and easy to use. It also helps to have the ability to replace a lost key immediately if needed. The Kwikset Single Cylinder lock includes many standard features common with exterior or interior locks. The lock works with a key from the outside and also the turn of a knob on the inside.

Should you chance to lose your keys a lot, the lock's re-key attribute will get you going again by following a simple set of directions to prepare a brand new key. This will prevent you from having to replace the entire lock if you eliminate the key. best deadbolt locks for home Add this as another lock for extra peace of mind when required.

3.Brinks 2717-109 Single Cylinder

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lots of men and women hesitate to decide on a budget choice when browsing for a deadbolt. This deadbolt matches the ANSI Grade 2 security standard for locks, which means it can manage picks, drills, and lumps. The all metal structure also makes this a fantastic solution for people looking for a budget lock which will look good with any kind of door.

A 4 way latch fits on the opposite side of this door for additional security. Its anti-pry protect can help you protect the door in the rear side, so nobody can jimmy the bolt open from the space between the door and frame.

4.Prime-Line Products U 9970

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Single cylinder deadbolts are extremely popular with indoor usage. Double cylinders, on the other hand, tend to be the lock of choice for outdoor use because of the extra security they provide. When using a single cylinder in an exterior door, you will want to have an extra tough lock like the Prime-Line Products U 9970. This deadlock will resist extra abuse with a die cast construction and brass colored finish.

The design of this deadlock comprises a couple of additional features to prevent tampering. A tamper-resistant camera protector will keep people from messing with the bolt or dividing the lock from the door. The crossbolt layout will also offer extra resistance from traditional deadbolts because it connects to stronger metal on the side.

5.Brinks 2718-119 Double Cylinder

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When having great security on both sides of this door is a priority for you, the double cylinder deadbolt is the most suitable choice. Possessing a key lock on both sides of the door will stop folks on any side from getting undesired access. Brinks' 2718-119 Double Cylinder will provide you this type of security with the metal construction.

The lock may withstand lock picking, drilling, and solid shoves using a blend of its one inch deadbolt, anti-pry protect, and all around solid construction. The inner locking pins are made of steel that's perfect for standing up to saws and other small, slender tools which may match through the cracks. Be sure to keep your keys to get this one about.

Daniel M
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