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Common AirPods Issues and How to Fix Them

Harry Martin
Common AirPods Issues and How to Fix Them

Troubleshoot and fix most common issues and problems in Apple AirPods with this guide. AirPods Pro and traditional AirPods are the best wireless communication earbuds in the entire world. AirPods was the first truly wireless earbuds in the world, and after they launched, many other brands jumped into the business of producing wireless earbuds.

Common AirPods Issues and How to Fix Them

Source:-Common AirPods Issues and How to Fix Them

In case your AirPods are acting up or facing some issues, then this article would help in solving most of the issues of your true wireless earbuds. Let’s gets started.

Lost AirPods: Find Them Quickly via Find My Device

Due to being so small in size, they can be easily lost in your home or somewhere else. Most of the users complain about this issues, and they say that if there is any way to locate the AirPods easily, then it would have been a quite help since it is one of the major issues that users faces. Happily, there is a pretty impressive way to locate the AirPods with the help of your tech.

By using Find MY Device, you can easily find your Apple Pods. It is an app that can be installed on your iPhone. So in order to find the AirPods quickly, first of all, navigate to iCloud’s official site and then log in to your Apple account using the Apple ID. Once that done, just make sure to choose to Find My iPhone.

Now press on your AirPods from the screen that comes after choosing to Find my iPhone. Then you will redirect to the map of the navigation to your AirPods You may see their last recorded location where they are located before switching off. In case you see a green colour spot next to the AirPods icon, then it means your AirPods are currently turned on. You can ring a sound on your AirPods to locate them quickly. In case the green dot is not appearing in the front of AirPods icon, it means they are currently Off, and you will get the last recorded location of your AirPods.

Connectivity Issues

In case the issues are regarding the connectivity of your Apple AirPods, then the first thing that a user must try is that to pack them back into their charging case and then wait for at least 10 seconds. Then you only need to take them out from the case and wear them once again.

If that does not solve the paring issues on your AirPods, then turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone that you are using to connect with your buds. Once the Bluetooth is off, wait for a few seconds and then turn it on. See if the problem persists. If the problem is still triggering then make the same turn off and turn on your mobile and tablet.

If the Airpods are not connecting well even after trying both solutions mentioned above then make sure to perform a complete reset on your AirPods. The reset should fix all of the paring issues and errors on your AirPods.

Computer Pairing Issues with AirPods

The AirPods paring issue on Mac generally founded on older Macs since they are not that well in wireless connectivity. Newer Mac models have fewer issues, especially the wireless connectivity one. In case you are having Airpods pairing issues while trying to connecting to your Mac, then you can follow these guidelines in order to fix the issue:

  • First of all, insert the wireless earbuds back to their charging case and then wait for 10 seconds at least.
  • Then take them out and try to pair with your Mac once more.
  • If the issue still persists, then disconnect and connect them to fix the issue.
  • If it doesn’t solve the pairing issue, then the issues could be due to the Bluetooth mouse connect to your Mac.
  • To fix this, Navigate to your Bluetooth settings. To do this, find the Bluetooth icon inside the status bar.
  • Once you have opened the Bluetooth settings on your Mac, locate the AirPods and then unpair them from your Mac.
  • After that, use the recommended way to connect your Mac to your AirPods and see if the issue still persists.

Call Dropping

Unpredictable call drops are pretty frustrating, and this is one of the most obvious issues on AirPods. According to Apple, for making calls, you should use a single AirPod, and you will see an instant solution to the issue. Always try to make phone calls by using only one AirPod and not to use both.

In case you still facing call drops while using AirPods, then head to Settings, and then visit the Bluetooth settings. Now see the AirPods in the devices list and then look at the “i” icon situated under a small circle. Now press that icon and choose the microphone option following with setting it to any left or the right option.

In case the problem still occurs, then make sure to disable Automatic Ear Detection from the same “i” icon settings in AirPods Bluetooth settings. This will solve the AirPods call drop issue.

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