Best method of Improving Your Spoken English : Retelling Stories

pratibha sharma

Engaging in reading and listening in order to improve English is a big style to correct your capability to understand English spoken around you. You will also become a much better reader over time, and it will definitely broaden your passive English vocabulary.

There is a very decisive method to complement your English reading and listening with some speaking, and that is what today’s article is about. Retelling the story that you just heard or read is the key to correcting your active vocabulary and spoken English.

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Recycle What You Heard or Read :

Do you pick up the morning newspaper on your method to work and go through the most interesting news stories while on the bus?

Do you always have a book in your bag ready to be taken out when you have finished your sandwich on your lunch break?

Do you always listen to hourly news bulletins on the radio?

Good! Then you absolutely have to RECYCLE all that content so that it SINKS in. You have to become as good at speaking as you are at listening and reading, and there is no better method to achieve English fluency than speaking about things you find interesting.

There are huge advantages to retelling stories. Research has shown that children who regularly read the same bedtime story consume new vocabulary words much more quickly than their companions who are reading a new story every time. So why not perform like a parent for yourself? Rather of reading or listening to a news story or an interesting article just once, retell it so that at least part of those phrases and words originally utilized would be added to your active vocabulary.

If your target is English fluency rather than just being capable of understanding what’s written or being said, you have to make an ACTIVE effort! Only by excitedly passing the information on, you will recycle the bits of English information and develop your capability to outcome automatic and spontaneous English speech later on!

From Now On Gossiping Is GOOD :

Your capability to retell passive English content requires not to be limited to news articles and celebrity interviews on the radio. You can retell any kind of information that you find interesting and that another would find good value as well.

Did you attend the company's meeting but some of your co-workers missed out on it? Make it your target to be the first to notify them about what was explained in the meeting!

Utilize some of the phrases and expressions they utilized so that they become part of your active vocabulary. 

To utilize such generally utilized phrases and fill in the missing bits utilizing your individual words to create a nice, short, and to the print version of the original story. This style you will practice your spoken English, add more words, combinations, phrases, and idioms to your active vocabulary and become a more fluent English speaker much quicker than if you easily immersed yourself in passive English language input!

You do not have to declare others’ secrets and make enemies among your workmates and fellow college students. A healthy quantity of gossiping, however, will help you expand your capability to communicate with others and the best method to do it is by retelling things you have seen, heard and read about!

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pratibha sharma
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