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If you want to purchase a memory foam mattress, there are a couple of things you need to put in mind before putting in that investment. Considering that a memory foam mattress is far much different from most hybrid mattresses, you have to be careful with the support you intend to give it to get the comfort you expect to have. Although the bed frame you need for your memory platform mattress could be slightly different from the one you have, that slight alteration could mean so much in enhancing the mattresses’ lifetime. If you have been thinking of the best bed for your memory foam mattress, you don’t need to worry, since everything has been outlined below: Also, check the best platform bed if you are looking for a different bed.

Features of the memory foam mattress

1.) Temperature sensitivity

The memory foam mattress automatically adjusts its hardness based on your body temperature. When you feel cold, the mattress becomes a little harder, and when you start feeling hot, it becomes soft and recoils. At room temperature, the memory foam mattress is usually harder, and when your body comes in contact with it, it becomes softer and adopts your body’s shape when you lie on it.

2.) Prevents and relieves pain

This mattress provides comprehensive support and a unique relief at points of pressure. Unlike other forms of mattresses that induce great pain, the memory foam mattress is well suited for individuals affected by conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Most of the individuals using the memory foam mattress report minimal cases of back, hip, or shoulder pains. This enhancement enables users to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

3.) It accommodates a wide range of sleeping positions

Everyone has their sleeping position that suits their comfort, whether on their stomach, to the side, or the back. Regardless of the sleeping position that you decide to use, the memory foam mattress provides additional support and optimum comfort. This comfort is enhanced by the mattresses’ ability to alleviate pressure in the body and joints, maintain the natural shape that the body adopts.

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Best platform bed for memory foam mattresses

1.) DHP Tokyo Metal Bed

The DHP Tokyo Metal Bed comes with a wavy pattern, particularly at the ‘headboard’ as well as the rare part. It has a metal finish with a contemporary and classic design. The metal frame is brushed with bronze, and the metal slats offer additional support and durability. It is available in full or queen sizes and does not require a spring box.

2.) Zinus 14″ DeLuxe Slatted Wood Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus 14″ DeLuxe Slatted Wood Platform Bed Frame consists of solid pine wood with a natural, wooden finish. It has an under-bed clearance of about 6.25 inches as well as plywood slats that provide firm support for your mattress. Also, it comes in king, queen, full, and twin sizes; all with a 5- year warranty


The foam mattress is available in varied densities, as well as the technology used in construction. Many users have their unique preferences, but this has not changed the way the mattresses are designed. Most noteworthy is that you can find the best platform bed based on your individual needs!

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