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Storage rental for businesses and organizations

Midland Storage
Storage rental for businesses and organizations

Storage rental for businesses and organizations have grown increasingly popular over the years. As businesses expand, so does the demand for their products and office requirements. This means buying more office equipment or replacing old ones with newer and more efficient models. So where do the old items go until the business is able to get rid of them? The answer is often in storage facilities.

Storage facilities are spaces being rented out by storage owners to people, business, and organizations that require temporary storage for their belongings. These spaces are rented out on a short term basis usually month to month. Each storage space is secured normally by the renter. This means the renter is the only one with access to the items inside as he is the only one with the lock and key.

Most storage facilities employ roving security personnel to ensure that there are no trespassers in their facility. Keep in mind that while they have roving security, the storage owner still won’t be responsible if the items inside the storage are lost or stolen. This can, however, be re-mediated by getting insurance for your belongings. This is important if they are rather valuable.

There are various advantages to storing or renting out a space at a storage facility. If you’re not yet convinced you need one, here are some reasons why it’s good to rent a storage space.

1. They’re relatively cheap – renting a space can set you back anywhere between $75-200 a month depending on the size of storage you will need. Most storage facilities rent out space on a month to month basis but there are times when they allow for longer leases. Some storage facilities will even give you a discount for renting out the storage for long periods of time. The cost of building, maintaining and safekeeping a facility to store some old business files is time consuming and can cost your business a lot more than renting a storage space.

2. Storage rentals can be used when you are about to move offices – Uprooting a business from one location to another is often complicated. It requires proper planning, good logistics, and sometimes a temporary space where you could put things that cannot be moved to the new location just yet. Storage rentals can solve problems like this. Rent out a space for a few days to store your office equipment until such time that you are ready to move them to the new office. Place conference tables and office chairs in storage spaces until your new office is ready to accommodate these items.

3. No need to hire a moving team – some storage facilities would help you move stuff in and out of the facility at no extra cost. Most storage facilities already have a moving van or truck ready to pick up or move your stuff for you. Some even offer boxes and other packing materials ready for use to anyone who rents their facility. The added cost of hiring movers and packing materials, which could sometimes be really expensive, is removed from your operational expense.

4. It can serve as an offsite backup facility – as part of their business continuity plan some business place backup files outside their office to ensure that in case the office gets destroyed or compromised, the backup files will still enable the business to get on with their everyday activity as if nothing happened. Storage facilities of this kind are more sophisticated than regular storage because these are most likely climate controlled and highly secured. You will most likely pay higher fees for this type of storage. Storage rentals of this caliber sometimes require fingerprint scans so that only authorized renters are able to enter.

5. Storage can be used as a temporary storage for excess items – if your office storage facility is at a full capacity, you can easily rent a small space to store other items that you cannot hold in the office. This can sometimes happen when there are huge orders from customers or if there is a surplus of products. Just take note of the kinds of things that you can store inside as some storage rental facilities often have a list of things that you can and cannot store with them. If you are manufacturing perishables for example, most storage facilities will turn you away.

6. Use it to store seasonal items – businesses engaged in selling items that are needed only on special occasions can benefit from storing their wares in storage rental facilities. They can simply bring out these seasonal items once the occasion is nearing and store them away again once it’s finished. Party supplies and craft stores are some of the business that sells seasonal items. Sporting goods that are not in season can also be stored in these facilities until the season starts.

7. Use it to store old office items until you are able to get rid of them – buying new equipment for the office often means that the old equipment needs to be removed or sold. Don’t let old office equipment clutter your office. They can accumulate dust if left out in the open for long. They can also serve as hiding places for pests like mice and cockroaches who love putting up house in unused office items. You can store old printers, fax machines, computers and office furniture in temporary storage facility until the time comes that you are able to dispose of them.

8. Store office supplies – sometimes the best deals come with buying in bulk. Offices often buy office supplies in bulk to save on expenses. When you buy bulk office supplies you will need an area to store these in. Storage rental for businesses and organizations can be used to store excess office supplies in. You can leave a few supplies available at the office and just take out what’s needed every couple of months. Just make sure to find a storage rental that’s near your office so that you won’t have to travel far just to get some paper clips.

Whether you are running a small or a big business you’ll sure have some use for a storage facility.

Midland Storage
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