Gems of the infinite

Bennetsen Bigum
Gems of the infinite

The precious stones have a role based on the movies of Marvel, these have been used by multiple characters of the saga, they are:
• Selene (grace)
• Hipolita (force)
• Ariadne (skill)
• Zephyrus (Swiftness)
• Aurora (Beauty)
• Minerva (wisdom)

Jewel time

The gem of the time would be for the central area of laringeo. This records the intention of the creator of the soul.
The first sorcerer of the land is Afamotto in the UCM that this holds a gem in a medallon, meanwhile, doctor Strange uses his power to save the world from Dormammu.

The space

This gem is located in the solar plexus, this is a reflection of the “heart of the sun”, as it is the heart centre. Constitutes the central factor of personality, of humanity, that this is conditioned by different desires, including desires, selfish, bad, and spiritual.


This gem corresponds to the center esplenico, seat of prana. She is the center of the vitality from the radiation of the sun.

In reality this is contained in the ether, according to the UCM, this ether is contained within a clumna stone. Jane is done with this ether and takes her to Asgard.

The power

This gem is in the center of the sacrum, the centre of the sacrum corresponds to the sun-physical, source of energy and vitality that gives us life on our planet.
This gem is in the Orb in the UCM, Stand Lord steals the sphere of the bottom Morag, and after uir of the place you try to sell it on Xandar where he subsequently Gamora steals it away.
Bennetsen Bigum
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