The ultimate guide to cash for gold

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It includes the following concepts:

What do you mean by cash for gold?

It can be easily determined from the name itself i.e. getting cash or cash substitutes in place or in lieu of one’s gold reserves kept mainly in form of gold jewellery and/or biscuits and coins.

Considering “CASH FOR GOLD” process as a RECYCLING PROCESS.

Our nature sees recycling activities in varied forms. Similarly, obtaining money in cash variants against gold, which might have turned old or broken as in case of ornaments, can be put into more viable use.

Being updated with the current value of Gold.

However trustworthy a buyer may be, but the person selling his hard earned “gold” must always be up to date with the current value of gold. One might be in loss on selling gold during the time of its decreased value and vice versa when its value is at its peak. So making a wise choice is in your hands!

Getting realistic!

One should evaluate his/her personal pros and cons relating to the selling of gold and start being realistic in their opinion and judgement.

Determining a trustworthy shopkeeper.

Once you have taken a decision to sell gold for cash after analysing and critically evaluating its advantages and risks , you should undertake an in depth study of places where you can find the most apt amount in return of your gold in a legal manner . Finding an authentic buyer of your gold is a crucial step here.


One must not take an impulse decision regarding selling gold as this decision should be taken after having precise knowledge about the whole procedure.


Now speaking specifically about Delhi NCR, the capital of our country has a series of endless options and places for selling gold and getting cash in return.

The key to choosing the best out of the rest is research. Only after analysing different places of the city itself one should obtain cash for gold without getting thugged. One such dependable site has its name as the “JEWELS PLANET”, where one can be assured of getting justified price for their respective belongings.


One such initiative regarding honest selling of gold for cash is undertaken by this site. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in the year 2014 is a premier brand and one of the most trusted buyers of gold, silver, diamonds and other valuables with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Their motto is to provide best price and value for your precious gold jewellery be it in form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, coins and all other forms. One must take their authenticity in consideration before selling gold.

Jewels Planet
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