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Dangers of attempting tree removal yourself

Dangers of attempting tree removal yourself

Trees add value to your property and give the appealing look to your home. Trees may provide a sense of privacy and shade, beautify your garden with a place to explore your children. Native trees also contribute to your place mini-ecosystem.

Most people love the trees but still sometimes for genuine reasons we need to cut down them. Sometimes it happens a tall & wide tree may have been on your property before you built a home, and you know that cutting it down is the last thing you have to do make your dream home, but sometimes it isn’t realistic to hang on to sentiments. Like;

  • If a tree on your property like house, garden, and others causing a problem related to safety, as in a particularly dangerous in your backyard where your children play, so cutting it will be necessary.
  • Sometimes the roots are causing sewer blockages or structural issues of our home, and we have the only option to cutting them down.
  • And most probably the reason is that to cut down the tree if it is located where you are looking for renovation work in your building or any other space, or if it is simply not in a good spot aesthetically.
  • When your neighbour has complained about your tree overhanging branches or maybe you have a tree at your place that is structurally unsound and overhangs your own house.
  • Maybe the reason is that the tree is simply sucking up too much moisture from your land, leaf litter is extreme and regular maintenance isn’t possible.

Here we have mentioned some reasons why you need to exploring DIY tree removal and stump grinding, but before you reach for the saw, these are the things you need to know first.

What about Personal Safety?

Do it yourself tree removal: What You Need to Know

Do you know that tree felling is one of the lethal occupations in the world? Tree removal looks like a simple job, but it is not, it requires skill and knowledgeable arborist to do it safely. Tree lopping related injuries can be severe and sometimes fatal.

You have to evaluate the correct felling zone and possibly clear a cutting zone. As well as if you don’t want to trip while escaping a falling tree. Do you have a guard or surveillance for alerting you to falling branches along the way?

Do you ever think about the danger or damage of your property if your tree is oversized and you’re sure that yours is a very simple and safe task? Have you noticed that does your insurance cover accidental damage if you’ve attempted DIY tree removal?

DIY Tree Removal is more complicated than you Think.

If you have any doubts, contact us to know how we can help you. We have professional arborists to serve you best services Treescape® specialize in the field of trees removal, tree trimming, and hedge trimming of dangerous trees.

Call us on NZ : 0800 873 396 | AU : 1800 632 684. We provide our service in a related field.

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