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Useful Sites to Enhance Your Kindle Experience

Jackson henry
Useful Sites to Enhance Your Kindle Experience

Kindle is an eBook device that enables you to read novels, poems, or any other book on-the-go. It is not only portable, but it also helps you find all your favorite books in one place. And, it is economical as purchasing a book on Kindle costs much less than a paperback or hardcover book. Books are easily accessible, and it is easy to read them anywhere at any time. Overall, it’s a great deal to own a Kindle, but there are a few websites that will bring the best out of your eBook device. Some of our favorite websites to run on Kindle are:


It is an online public library that offers a massive collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines on your Kindle. You can borrow and read them for free, but you will have to get a library card to get access to them. They also offer a student reading app called Sora. To get access to that, you have to sign in with your school account, and you will be ready to borrow and read books in a single tap. This is a very practical method to gain knowledge by paying close to nothing.


Their services allow you to save any web article in one place which gives you the flexibility to read your saved items any time you want. After saving the articles, you would be able to share them with your friends or export them on your Kindle, so that you can get those articles on-the-go. You can also make settings in a way that will send you articles on your Kindle device in a format that you’d have chosen. So if you connect your Kindle with Instapaper, you can save all the items on the web page and find them directly on your Kindle.

Book Lending

This website allows you to borrow and lend books for free. The transfer of books doesn’t involve any risks. As a reader, you would be able to choose the book you want to borrow from the lender. And the books that you would lend to others won’t be available to you for the next 14 days, which means that you cannot read the books you lend. To get a book, both the lenders and borrowers have to match each other to come into terms with sharing the books.

Online Convert

They provide an online service to convert your eBooks into a variety of input formats like HTML, PDF, LIT, Mobi, ePub, AZW3, and more. You have to choose your desired target format for your eBook and click one button to get it converted. If you are unsure about the format that will work on your Kindle device, then you can go to mobileread.com to dig some information. They use the Calibre tool to convert the eBooks on their website.

The Kindle Chronicle

The Kindle chronicles have been in the business since 2008, and they have never failed to offer podcasts on interesting and informative topics to all the Kindle users. In each episode, you’ll find a guest talking about a wide range of subjects related to Amazon devices, eBooks, e-readers, and other digital ideas. In the later episodes, the topics are not extensively focusing on Kindle but you can go to the archive section to find older Kindle related podcasts.

Reddit Kindle

Their website is a subreddit for everything related to Kindle. If you are looking for an active online community, then Reddit Kindle would be your best choice. Currently, they have over 80,000 subscribers, and they release multiple threads every day for their readers. You can filter the topics by flair, and some of the most discussed topics are technology, support, guide, tips, my Kindle, discussions, etc.

We would recommend you to check out all the sites and experience how their services work for you, before settling for the right one on your device. These websites will cover up all the services and help that you might need with your Kindle device.

Jackson Henry. I’m a writer living in USA. I am a fan of technology, arts, and reading. I’m also interested in writing and education. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

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Jackson henry
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