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Cost to Develop a Marketplace App Like TaskRabbit 11 Sep 2020 Ashish Parmar mobile app, Mobile App Development

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Cost to Develop a Marketplace App Like TaskRabbit 11 Sep 2020 Ashish Parmar  mobile app, Mobile App Development

Who likes to do their chores? Well, taking a cue from the success of apps like “TaskRabbit”, it seems very few people do. TaskRabbit’s business philosophy is pretty simple: to help hard-working people find meaningful jobs in their community. The platform connects people with more money than time with those who have more time than money.

Cost to develop an App like TaskRabbit

In 2008 the founder of TaskRabbit Leah Busque found out that she had more money than time to buy dog food. She thought about the fact that there will be many people like her who wouldn’t mind giving a few dollars for small errands. Considering this, she started RunmyErrand, which was a predecessor to TaskRabbit.

An Overview of “TaskRabbit”

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps users in connecting with people living nearby for completing their errands. Tasks like Furniture Assembly, Handyman Service, Feeding Animals, and Babysitting are available on TaskRabbit.

The platform acts as an online marketplace for services. It helps in connecting people who are looking for odd jobs with people who want their service. TaskRabbit is popular in the US and over the past decade, taskers have helped in saving around 4 million hours! The app was eventually acquired by IKEA before it had already acquired $38 million in funding.

After starting in the U.S. The app has now expanded its wings to other countries like Canada, Germany, U.K., and France. The company has roped in more than 140,000 taskers on-board with 60% of them being Millenials. Thus TaskRabbit has become the poster boy for the “gig” economy where people earn according to their convenience by doing small gigs instead of full-time jobs.

TaskRabbit has shown the way through which the apps providing gigs can earn.

TaskRabbit User Segments

1) TaskPosters: TaskPosters are people who want a particular job done and are ready to offer some money in return. When a TaskPoster posts a specific job, the app connects the TaskPoster with the correct TaskDoer. The TaskPosters can read the reviews and ratings of various TaskDoers and decide on the person to which they want to assign a particular task.

2) TaskDoers: TaskDoers are people who want to make some extra bucks by providing services. Every TaskDoer or TaskRabbit is grilled through an extensive interview process, and thorough background checks to ensure that only the most appropriate people pass through these stringent filters. The Taskers will first have to apply online with their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

The process of hiring Taskers – TaskRabbit has a no-compromise approach when selecting its taskers. This is because the wrong persons can ruin the hard-earned reputation of the company. The app first does a thorough background check and then conducts an in-person interview with the taskers to understand them better.

Once selected, the app then assigns the taskers based upon their current skills interests, and location they have opted to serve. Once someone posts a job on the app from the neighbourhood, TaskRabbit notifies the taskers about the job which they can either accept or reject based upon their convenience.

Ready to create your app like TaskRabbit? Then first, you will need to get a ballpark range of the costs associated.

Know the cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an app in which you need to take care of the needs of the Task givers, Taskdoers (TaskRabbit), and that of the admin. As you have to cater to a varied set of users in the same app, the costing is normally more.

The cost of building an app like TaskRabbit can be around $10,000-$35,000. The cost depends on the kind of OS, App design, and features that you want to include and the country you choose to develop. If you decide to build your app in a country like India, then the cost of building the app would be around 5-6 times less than developing it in a western country like the USA.

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How does the process work for a marketplace services app?

TaskRabbit App
TaskRabbit is essentially a home service marketplace app that connects the people who want some tasks to be completed with the people who are ready to complete those tasks.

It allows people to get tasks done by friendly neighborhood people and also provides an opportunity for people running low on cash to earn some extra money by doing odd jobs.

The workflow for an app like process works like this:

Step 1
A Taskposter (one who needs a particular task to be completed) posts a task

Step 2
The app shows the taskposter a list of contractors who are ready to do the task along with their hourly rates. The task poster then selects the TaskRabbit according to the skill level and the hourly rate.

Step 3
Once the taskposter zeroes down on a particular tasker, the tasker then accepts the job or rejects it as per his/her convenience. There is a certain time within which the tasker needs to accept the job and get to know further details of the job at hand.

Step 4
Thereafter, the tasker works on the tasks and once the job is completed, the payment is then processed through the app.

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