How To Choose Your Newborn Photographer in Calgary

james smith
Sep 18, 2020 13:10

Suppose you've just found out that you're expecting a baby, congratulations! What a fascinating time for you and your family! You won't need us to tell you that life is about to change very drastically. Becoming a parent is a huge blessing!


Among the choices that you will soon have to make as a parent-to-be is, 'Who would you choose to take professional photographs of your newborn as soon as they arrive?'


In this post, we'll share our top tips on choosing your newborn photographer in Calgary. We'll also highlight key things that you should remember when you're trying to find a perfect newborn photographer for your family.


Start Researching Baby Photographers Early In Your Pregnancy


If you know that you would like some professional pictures of your newborn baby to be taken when he or she arrives, then it is a smart idea to start exploring your options early in your pregnancy. If you contact them well in advance of your planned due date, they would be more likely to have available.


Even though there are many newborn photographers in Calgary, typically, they get booked up many months in advance.


Many families book late in their pregnancy but struggle to find someone with availability in the weeks after their baby is due.


Suppose you want to get the best baby photography session in Calgary, Alberta. In that case, it will be wise to select your photographer around the time of your 20-week ultrasound to avoid being turned away from your favorite photographer later in your pregnancy.


Seek Out A Safety-Trained Newborn Photographer


Choosing to hire a baby photographer is not a choice that should be hurried. You'll want to find the right photographer for your family, because you're going to entrust that person with your new bundle of joy when they're only a few days old. You must feel that you can trust your chosen photographer to take care of your child safely.


Have they demonstrated their expertise and certification to your satisfaction? Are they talking about, and showing on their website, that they are safety conscious? Have they been trained in newborn photography? Can they demonstrate how they create baby photography poses safely, without leaving the infant at risk of rolling or falling off props such as baskets and buckets?


You're also going to spend up to four hours with your chosen photographer on the day of your newborn photo shoot, so it's essential that you feel relaxed in their company for this time.


Consider Your Budget For Photography

Some families may have a small budget and want to employ a photographer in their price range, recognizing that they may not be able to afford the best in their region. Other families are less price-conscious and are motivated more by factors such as image quality, outstanding customer service, and the variety of wall art items that the photographer provides.


Start by considering what the most important considerations for you are, and make a shortlist of photographers based on that. Be sure to rule out photographers who you can't afford to avoid wasting theirs and your time.


Not all photographers give the same standard of photography and service, so it's vital that you decide not only based on the price, though.



Hire A Photographer Whose Work You Love

Once you start looking at the newborn photographers in Calgary or your local region, you will find that the photography style varies significantly between them. Some photographers prefer to use accessories, wrappings, and headbands, for example. Some will produce more real, unimposed portraits of babies.


It's essential to determine what newborn photography style you want, and consider only hiring photographers whose work you love.


Do you like the pictures they show on their websites, love something similar to your baby for your home walls? 


We hope these tips on choosing your newborn photographer were helpful and gave you some food for thought.


james smith
Sep 18, 2020 13:10
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