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Best Vocal Mixing Tips for Beginners

Bobby clarke
Best Vocal Mixing Tips for Beginners

 Vocals are the most important part of a song. Music becomes a song when vocals are added to it. Mixing vocals in a proper way may seem like an uphill task to many beginners. You can’t make a good song unless your vocals are mixed well. How to mix vocals properly is the question that often comes to mind. Here are some mixing secrets that even professionals never spill beans on. Here are some of the greatest tips that will make your vocals sound really incredible.

Vocal recording quality

The most important factor that plays a key role in a song is the vocal recording quality. The sweeter the vocal is, the more professional a song sounds. Vocal recording quality doesn’t have any relation with effects and your voice. It relates to a professional mic. If you want good vocal recording quality, you may need a professional mic. If you want to get professional sounding vocal, you should invest in a good mic. You can go for any mic you like. If you really believe in professional results, you should rely not only on the mic but on your own mixing skills too.

Remove unwanted noise

Noise doesn’t need anyone’s permission to enter a studio room. It can make entry to any place. Noise can ruin the whole song. Even professionals face the problem. If you are looking for the best software tool to remove unnecessary noise from your song, you can try out iZotope’s RX7 audio repair software. RX7 audio repair software comes with a wide range of vocal editing features that may help you edit vocals in a professional way. If you can’t afford the software. You can take advantage of stock vst plugins. Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools have their own tools that you can put to your use in order to eliminate unwanted noise from your vocals. It is important to keep in mind that applying noise reduction to a higher degree may suppress your vocals and can make it sound coarse.



Vocal delay

The Delay effect is an essential effect professionals always apply to their vocals. Whether you are making a trap or a hip-hop song, you must apply a delay to your vocals as it gives a sweetness to voice. If you are looking for the best software to apply the delay effect to your vocals, it would be right to go for FabFilter Timeless 2. It offers a wide range of presets that you can put to your use in order to enhance your vocals. It comes with drag-and-drop modulation. Stereo delay is considered to be the best effect. If you apply autotune to your vocals, then apply a delay to your vocals. It will make your vocals heart-touching. Delay has various types. All the digital audio workstations have their own presets. You can choose the one you find perfect for your voice.


Reverb is the effect that makes vocals sound natural and make them sound more professional. If you want to add depth to your vocals, reverb is what is going to be a lot useful. However sweet your vocals are, reverb is always required in order to make vocals more professional. There is no song without reverb. Yes, you read it right! Reverb is applied to almost every song. in most of the songs, it may be to the unnoticeable degree, but it exists in almost every professional song. Applying reverb and delay to vocals make them sound really good. If your song is sad and its BPM is almost between 75 and 90, you should apply both delay and reverb. No limit is set, so you should depend on your creativity and listen again and again to see whether the effects applied to vocals really sound better or not.


How to EQ properly is the question that often comes to many people’s minds. Before you EQ vocals, it is important to know if your VST plugin is really right for the purpose. The best software tool to EQ vocals is FabFilter Pro Q-3 in the eyes of professionals. If you have become tired of finding the best software tool to EQ vocals in a professional way, FabFilter Pro Q-3 will surely put your search to an end. It comes with presets and offers knob control. Equalization plays a key role in improving vocals and makes them sound better.  In order to remove unwanted frequencies and remove harshness from vocals, you can EQ vocals properly. Even professionals say that there is no specific limit set to EQ vocals, it totally depends on the type of your song and creativity. If you are really creative and interested in learning more about equalization, success is waiting for you ahead.

All the tips mentioned above will help you get the professional-sounding vocals.

Source :-    https://trustfiver.com/best-vocal-mixing-tips-for-beginners/

Bobby clarke
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