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Things One Should Check Before Downloading A Mental Health App

Jack thomson
Things One Should Check Before Downloading A Mental Health App

Mental health is one of the main issues among young people. There are over a million children and youth who are dealing with mental illness in Canada alone. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), around 75% of people who have a mental illness do not have access to specialized treatment.

People with these severe symptoms of mental illness have the possibility of long-term harrowing on the quality of life. The organizations like RBC Foundation and Homewood Research Institute (HRI) are working together to unearth the evidence-based solutions through the $500 million commitment and help the youth to prepare for tomorrow with RBC Future Launch. They are dedicated to helping young people through the findings of new reports.

Mental Health apps are slowly becoming a trend, and they are also filling the gaps and awkwardness around the topic. These apps are readily accessible, convenient to use, and low cost, but very little research has been done to support the effectiveness of the service.

However, that doesn’t mean you should use these applications to check on your mental health. The users should know some guidelines that will help to determine which one is working and best for them. You can also optimize the software using the following tips. So let’s see what those guidelines are.



Determine Your Needs

The mental apps help to deal with several concerns, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, suicidal ideation, or addiction. And to ensure that the app is helpful for your age group and condition is essential, and also the application should offer transparency.

It is also crucial to understand the use of the application over time and determine the preferred style of interaction. And over time the user will also get a sense of which application is best for their needs.

Verify Developers

Do a little research on the application developer’s backgrounds, including who they are, what they do, and what is their professional background. Software that are created with the help of experts in mental health are likely to be more effective and efficient.

Information about the funders also helps to determine the conflicts and provide clues regarding the greater mission.

Find Proof

See if there are any reputable studies to back up the effectiveness of the app. It will help you as a user to understand what the software has to offer you and meet your needs. Also, it will give you an idea about the approach of the software.

And remember, when talking about the approach and effectiveness, you should not rely on the reviews from other users. It would be best if you kept your eye on reviewed journals or reviews from those who are not using the application.

Check Dates

Check when the application was last updated because if the update was over two years ago, you are not getting the current best medical practice. And knowing the latest release date, you can also assess whether the advice you are getting is functional or relevant.

Review of Privacy Policy

The mobile application should be able to amass your data and should request your concern before collecting any information. You must carefully review all the policies regarding privacy to make sure that you are comfortable with how your data is secured and what’s being outlined.

Control the Data

You should be aware of what information of yours is being collected, and you should also know how your data is being shared and used. The software should be safe to share data with healthcare experts to facilitate access to the service. And it would be best if you were sure that any data is being shared with your consent and you can delete the data from the application whenever you choose to.

The mental health application should have clear information about collecting external parties that might have access to it. And if you suspect that your data might be transmitted, then it is the best time to get rid of the software.

Although, if you are dealing with some severe mental trauma or illness then it is always best to seek some professional help.

Jack thomson
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