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Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture

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Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture

What is Web Application?

It is a client-server computer program anywhere the user runs on the browser that contains the user interface and client-side logic. This web application has ordinary webmail, online trade, and online auction.


Components of Web Application Architecture

Web Application Architectures contains various components that are segregated into two categories of components – user interface app components and fundamental components.


User Interface App Components

This is an orientation to the web pages that have a role that is connected to the display, settings, and alignments. It is associated with the interface/experience, rather than the improvement, and consequently, it deals with display consoles, configuration settings, notifications, and logs, etc.

Component Models of Web Application

Multiple Databases, Multiple Web Server

It is the most effective web application architecture model for neither the webservers nor the databases have a single point of disappointment. There are two choices for this type of model. Either to save identical data in all the working databases or allot it evenly among them.

How Does It Work?

With any distinctive web application, there are two different encryptions (sub-programs) running side-by-side. These are:

          – Client-side Code 

          – Server-side Code 

When creating an app, web developers decide what code is used for the server about what code is used on the browser. Server-side languages are:

  • PHP
  • C#
  • Python
  • JAVA
  • Ruby on Rails

Any code that can reply to HTTP requests that can be run on a server. Client-side languages are:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

A grouping of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is used to create the client-side code. This code is analyzed by the web browser. Unlike the server-side code, client-side code can be seen as well as altered by the user. It responds to the user request. The client-side code connects only via HTTP requests and is not able to read files of a server directly.


One Web Server, One Database

It is the simplest as well as the minimum consistent web app component model. Such a model customs a single server as well as a single database. A web application develops on such a model will go slow as soon as the server goes down. Hence, it isn’t much consistent.

Multiple Web Server, One Database

In this type, the server does not save any data in the database. When the client comes in the data to the web server, it will process the similar data and then inscribes it to the database that is kept outside of the server. 

Types of Web Server Architecture


Node.Js Web Application Architecture

Node.js framework is progressively increasing due to its effectiveness in the development process. This web application framework architecture could deal with different requirements regarding design and structure. 

PHP Web Application Architecture

PHP The tools and topographies offered by PHP frameworks allow for less code and assurance of strong protection, prompt development, simple operation, and enhanced support from the developer community.

Angular Js Web Application Architecture

Angular js is a framework that carries a variety of advantages, with UX with the lazy charging effect added to minimalize code size.



The web applications are evolving incessantly like the internet. The first web application architecture was web 2.0. The latest web application architecture was web 3.0 which increased a lot of users. 


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