Cycling men poses high risk of attracting Erectile Dysfunction

diana fox

ED has developed into a common condition among other disorders affecting men. While ED was considered as a benign issue once but now the medical science has recognized that ED has a reflective impact on the complete health structure and quality of men’s life. The combined issue lies where a man’s partner is also affected due to less physical interaction.

Health benefits are spread across and cycling is one of them. Men tend to take up cycling in an effort to promote fitness & stay fit. Most of the men consider cycling as an essential & benefitting health activity with an additional benefit for the environment and allows avoiding of high rising motor costs. But over the period it has been analyzed and found out that male cyclists are at greater risk of getting erectile dysfunction.

The medical issues to be aware of include discomfort, skin irritations, and lack of sensation in genitals. Cycling men are at higher risk and medical analysis have found out that these men also experience changes in sperm functioning due to the generation of high amount of heat in the pelvic area.

Men who cycle on regular basis are at a higher risk of testicular damage along with irregular testicular function. In medical and technical terms, the saddle of the bicycle stays in direct contact with the perineum and the underlying structures. Prolonged pressure on the perineum tissues provides damage to the blood vessels & nerves which are highly responsible for an erection in men. Even spending longer time in the same position on the saddle can cause ED in a temporary form. However if denied proper recovery and rest, the harm may become permanent due to continuous damaging of tissues.

Analysis at several factors proved that the risk of developing ED in cyclists is increasing. Medical studies have established that sometimes due to cyclist’s weight, the saddle design and the intensity of the cycling can cause damage to the perineum causing ED. The diagnosis also states that the area being sensitive and with sebaceous glands, hair follicles along with sweat cause an effective breeding ground for infection.

The symptoms of ED range from numbness in genital organ or genital pain and the good news is that majority of the male cyclists experience pain before the problem of ED turns out to be serious. Any symptom regarding genital pain should be immediately brought under the notice of a certified doctor.

How can one prevent ED
1) Adjust your bicycle seat to a position where there is reduction of pressure.
2) Avoid long rides. Stop to take timely breaks and stretch the body until you feel normal sensations.
3) Avoid seats without cutouts. Seat with proper cutouts helps in reducing perineum pressure.
4) Adjust height of the saddle so as to provide a proper riding definition.
5) Keep changing riding positions to adjust the body movement.
6) Take medical assistance of ED drugs like Cenforce, Silagra, Kamagra or Penegra . The medication not only allows proper treatment of ED and impotency but also helps in providing hard & long erection among men.

Ultimately, it is men’s decision and one should take advantage of cycling benefits by moderate bicycle usage provided with appropriate relaxation for the pelvic area to prevent organ damage. Erectile Dysfunction can be an uncomfortable cause for an active sensual life not only for a man but also for his partner. For an efficient treatment buy fildena, Silagra, Penegra or cialis black 80mg to boost your libido.

diana fox
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