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Forum Submission Sites

Here comes another Off Page SEO Activity called Forum Submission or Forum Posting. The Forum
Submission Sites allow you to take part in on-going discussions where you can submit your
comments or thoughts regarding the context.
For SEO purpose, we do it to get backlinks from different Forum Posting Websites. That means if
you find any relevant topic then you write your detailed comment with a hyperlink in it. This
hyperlink is a backlink to your landing page.

Forum Submission Sites for Driving Traffic to your Website.

By creating do-follow backlinks from high quality Forum Submission Sites, you ensure to get more website traffic by redirecting people to your landing pages in search of more information. Forum submission works as the oldest forms of creating inbound links for your landing pages. It really benefits to your website’s SEO and rank higher in search engine result pages that automatically drives more traffic and more business to you.

How to Get Backlinks form Forum Posting Sites?

Forum Posting Sites are free and easy platform to promote your business. You can share and gain knowledge about your work of field on different forum posting websites.

Here are some ways tocreate backlinks from forum posting sites:

1. From Profile: Create profiles on good forum discussion sites as you do on social
media sites. You can add the URL of your website in the profile to showcase your
work. Most of the forum websites provide a no-follow backlink, but that’s ok
because these links are still powerful enough to generate loads of referral traffic.
2. Signature Links: Signature links are backlinks cited at the end of the answer of the
forum. It is same as you use in your email. Mention your name, followed by your
website’s name and citation to it.
3. Post Threads: Thread is another name of answers or discussion given on a particular
topic on a forum. Reddit is perfect example of it. You can give hyperlink on your
keyword but keep on mind that it should be relevant otherwise it can be removed.
Here is the list of Forum Submission Sites

Website DA Link Type
1.   http://www.mathforum.org/ 98 Dofollow
2.   http://www.boards.core77.com/ 95 Dofollow
3.   http://www.seoforums.org/ 92 Dofollow
4.   http://www.ozzu.com/ 92 Dofollow
5.   http://www.online-literature.com/ 92 Dofollow
6.   http://www.inkscapeforum.com/ 92 Dofollow
7.   http://www.blackberryforums.com/ 91 Dofollow
8.   http://www.htmlforums.com/ 91 Dofollow
9.   http://www.sitepoint.com/community/ 91 Dofollow
10.  http://www.forums.xkcd.com/ 91 Dofollow
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