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Best uses of custom holographic stickers to increase your brand’s visibility

Nano Grafix
Best uses of custom holographic stickers to increase your brand’s visibility

There are countless uses for the holographic stickers that help in increasing your brand’s visibility. Top situations and uses of the promotional holographic stickers are given below. Read and relate to your upcoming needs for these promotional stickers.

During corporate events

One of the prime uses of these holographic stickers can be through your corporate events. During these events, you will be inviting a lot of new customers, clients, vendors, and another bunch of stakeholders.

So, the best way to imprint your brand image from every corner of the event hall or place is to use the promotional holographic stickers anywhere possible.

These stickers can be customizable. That means these stickers can be neon, pastel, or normally in contrast. You can get these stickers made for any of your premium corporate events and in multiple sizes.

During product launches

Product launches generally invite the core niche of the clients and stakeholders. There you can hand out free samples of your new products using the promotional holographic stickers on the samples.

This way, the image, text, or any other graphic on those stickers can easily penetrate your company’s brand image in the mind of the beholder. And there is a continuous supply of freebies during a product launch.

These freebies can be notebooks, pencils, pens, bottles, or other similar sundry and stationery items.

During market research

You might be conducting market trials or research anonymously. It is said clearly in the open spaces with the general public. The idea is to test the reaction of the public towards your brand. At such events, you also increase your firm’s brand value and presence in the current market.

But that can only happen with creative, interactive, original, and highly engaging promotional holographic stickers. You can use these stickers on items like samples of your free products, banners, layout, templates, and some electronic products too.

You can tell your staff to wear a printable shirt or any other wearable items having the holographic stickers of your brand and its icon. This is one of the ways to increase brand visibility during promotional events for market research and surveys.

At restaurants and other commercial places

You can collaborate with other franchises to help you increase the visibility of your brand image. That happens when you use promotional and creative holographic stickers in restaurants, cafés, lounges, bars, and other dining areas.

The stickers are used on umbrellas, tabletops, bar counters, beverage bottles, napkins, tabletop covers, etc.

With your main product’s packaging

Another way to use the best holographic stickers to increase your reach is to have them labeled directly on your product’s packaging. This way, the holographic stickers will ensure that your product is genuine and real through the entire supply chain it goes through.


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Nano Grafix
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