Let’s Moon This Diwali With a Different Set of Gift and Along With a Warm Heart…

roshan jha

I won’t wonder if you are finished with this year’s Diwali shopping. Rather I will wonder if you still don’t. However apart from main stream gifts, if you still want to surprise your special one or any person close to your heart, you can try a list of bizarre customised gifts. This are enlisted below.


Before the main event, do you know how to a grab a customised gift?

Wearing a custom gift is not a new trend but the process of making it may not as familiar as you think. Well, I don’t mean that you don’t know the process obviously. What I am trying to brief is, there may be newer ideas in case of gift items printing, which you may not familiar with. So, to glimpse on the hacks let’s pay a quick attention on the followings.

  • First of all, open your PC and Google popular custom store in India. Go online here, because it is more viable.
  • Then pick one. let’s say it is Printland.in. Go through the store and all of its varieties. You can observe it’s existing festive sale offer which starts from rs. 99/-!
  • Then head to the custom gift store. Pick any category. Let’s say its’ gifts for kid
  • Choose a favorite one for your kkid; let’s say it’s a tee.
  • Then navigate towards editing panel. Upload any image or picture in the place where required.
  • Adjust a little and it’s perfectly ready to go.

However, let’s aside the technical quos for a while rather preoccupy on the details of custom gifts from Printland. The section is layered as per age and gender.

Which are…

Custom gifts for kids

As they are most bright and happy fellows in the world, their section is full of colourful gifts. For example…

Bright t-shirts

A kid’s tee is of maximum colours as if it seems a pool of rainbow. You can pick any, red, pink, yellow, purple and so on. And paste a funky quote as well which go aptly with it.

A handful of colourful badges

This year Bhoot chaturdeshi and Hallowen exactly collate on the same day. So buy a few of quirky badges printed with ghost photos or a phooky images.

A colourful combo or note book and pencil box

Your baby may be bit out of track. He loves spend most of his days in the world of colours and painting. Hence, this Diwali instead of all other gifts him this pair.


Other combos of gifts for kid…

These are


  • Printed sipper and crayon box
  • Printed school bag
  • Notebook and pen
  • Custom milk mug etc.


Gifts for him…

Now let’s move the tip of discussion towards adults gifting, especially for men. Hence, popular gifts for men are…

A custom tee and a printed hoody

You can choose any of these. For these two are suitable for upcoming season. A full sleeve custom tee or a printed hoody with a real cool quote is indeed a day worthy gift for your boyfriend. So, pick any style and colour from the site itself.

A quirky beer mug 

Let’s say your closest friend is a beer lover. And next month is his birth month. Hence, while you are tired of looking for a suitable gift, why don’t you try a beer mug with an eccentric quote? Say, save water and drink beer!

A funky cap with a goggle

More or less all boys are finicky about sports. So, while your brother is going to participate in the kite competition this Independence day, do try these gift pair. He will be blissful indeed.


Others could be…

  • A quote printed square cushion
  • A poster along with a wall clock
  • A photo frame along with a name engraved pen
  • An alarm clock etc.

Gifts for her…

Finally, their section has come up. Ohh..I have been waiting so long for this section. However, popular gifts for them are enlisted below


A page of printed tee of vibrant types for ladies

Girls are also crazy about t-shirts like boys. The only difference is, their clothes are of more colourful and more stylish. Else remains unchanged. So, do grab a pair of tee just at rs. 99/- from Printland’s flash t-shirt sale.

Coffee mug along with a fury cushion

It may be possible that your geek girlfriend is a coffee lover. As recently she has started her PhD while keeping continued with her editor job, she has started getting a problem of back pain. So, to appease her pain, do gift a custom coffee mug to her and cushion with a sweet quote, relax everything will be fine soon. Trust me; she will start founding a new home within you.

A combo of diary and pen

It could be possible that your sister has a latent hand on writing. But she is shy in nature. Thus to let her come out from the shell of coyness and let her pen flow continuously, you can gift her a pair of name engraved pen and diary.

For more details of their gifts and for other, do have a visit to the store personally. Hence, I hope this article helps you to reach a conclusion about myriad heterogeneity of gifts. So, pick few and welcome Diwali in a happy heart.

roshan jha
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