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Jabra Elite 75t vs. Apple AirPods Pro: True Wireless Earbuds Battle

Jack thomson
Jabra Elite 75t vs. Apple AirPods Pro: True Wireless Earbuds Battle

Whenever someone talks about the best true wireless earphones, the name Apple AirPods Pro may come to your mind. This is because of Apple’s flagship and its top-notch build and sound quality.

However, AirPods Pro is not only the best wireless earbuds if you compare it with other audiophile products. Have you heard about the Jabra brand? It is one of the best audio equipment manufacturing companies around the world.

Jabra Elite 75t is a true wireless earbud with superior sound quality and features comparable with AirPods Pro.

Whether you are listening to rock, EDM, or even classic, Elite 75t provides exceptional sound quality at an affordable cost. That is what we liked the most about it.

In this guide, we are going to compare this amazing wireless earbud with the Apple beast. So let’s get started…



Jabra Elite 75t vs. AirPods Pro


Apple’s most iconic earbuds, AirPods Pro, are gifted with active noise cancellation, hands-free Siri, 3.5 hours of playtime, and wireless Qi charging. This is all about the AirPods. Now let’s talk about Elite 75t that has even more surprising and innovative features. It has hear-through noise cancellation, compatible with various voice assistants, supports almost every major OS, and 4.5 hours of playtime. So it was a basic overview of these true wireless earphones, and let’s compare them systematically.

Sound Comparison

Sound is hard to compare in both of these top-notch quality earphones. You won’t notice much difference in the sound signature if you listen for a few seconds. However, if you give them a few minute observation, you may notice that Jabra ones sound slightly better. Not only that, but 75t is also equipped with several overwhelming features. It has hear-through noise cancellation, allowing you to listen to your surrounding sounds with just a mere tap. It’s a cool and practical feature you may like to use while ordering your food at restaurants and on morning walks. Whenever you want to listen to your outside noise, push the little button, and access the outside voices. This will allow you to keep the earphones plugged in even if you are talking to somebody.

Furthermore, these earphones come with a tuning app you can get on your phone’s app store. This application allows you to define the sound quality as per your listening preferences.

Coming to AirPods Pro, they have active noise cancellation, which is no doubt a matchless feature. Sadly, AirPods Pro doesn’t have an option to let you hear the outside sounds if you want. You will need to remove them from your ears if you want to talk to someone or walk on busy streets. Hopefully, Apple may rethink and provide this feature as well in future updated products.

Other Features and Comparison

The battery life is also better in Elite 75t, which is one of the essential factors. Unlike AirPods Pro, the Jabra’s beast doesn’t have Qi wireless charging, and you will have to use a USB-C cable to charge it. Calling functionality is remarkable in both products. You get an excellent microphone to improve your phone calls.

At last, we would like to compare the price of these products. Apple’s Pro beast costs 250 USD, while Jabra Elite 75t is available at only 180 USD.

That’s all the main highlights of these truly wireless earbuds, and we hope you found this comparison helpful for determining which one to buy. Thank you.


Source:-  Jabra Elite 75t vs. Apple AirPods Pro: True Wireless Earbuds Battle

Jack thomson
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