Common mistakes that people make with PR

mathew philips

PR and businesses


A press release will be the document of official announcements that will be informing a change in the organization in any terms. These changes would be affecting the customers and be vital to know. But many are using PR as an additional marketing tool and making several other mistakes. You can avoid these mistakes by hiring any company from the newswire top list to manage your PR. Some of these mistakes are as follows,


Little things should not become PR


A press release can bring vital information about your company to the knowledge of the customers. But you, as a business, should not take advantage of this scenario. Some businesses will be issuing press releases for every single action happening inside the organization. A small promotion of a mid-level employee need not get to the customer’s attention. If you are telling everything as a PR, then the value or exclusivity of PR will fade away. So, your customers and audiences may lose interest in your company, thinking that as spam. If there is any highly relevant and useful information, such as a new product launch or a change in the top-level management, you can inform through a PR. So, it is advisable to reduce the number of PRs and concentrate on providing value to your customers. 


Be professional to investors


The rise of social media along with traditional marketing activities like PR and print advertising has made it easy for businesses to integrate their marketing actions. Some businesses are trying to change the content of the PR a little and using it as a blog. Likewise, there are several ways of integration. If you miss the formal way of writing your PR because of this integration and made it like a casual blog, you may lose some potential investors. Hence, your PRs should be formal and highly professional to attract investors. Your blogs and social posts can be informal to engage with your customers. 


A press release is not for the traffic


You can have a link in your press release back to your website. However, most businesses are trying to use this fact to increase the number of people visiting their website. By the time, it has become like an additional SEO method of gaining visitors. But if you are planning your PRs only to get more visitors through backlinks, you will not focus on providing value to the customers. There will be a need for regular posting. So, without any vital events or changes in your organization, you would release a PR for simple facts and information that do not find any value for your readers. It may reduce your credibility among the customers and reduce sales instead. So, it is advisable not to see PR as a link generator or traffic generator. 


Avoid writing essays


Some people will write pages and pages in their PR. A press release should be compact and straight to the point using the short attention span of the customers. 

mathew philips
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