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Bible Secrets About Pentecostal Churches In Houston

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Bible Secrets About Pentecostal Churches In Houston

The Pentecostal churches in Houston have a long history in Christianity. You will read more about it through their Bible secrets in this article below. 

Pentecostalism began in the early 1900s.

With the revival of Azusa Street in 1906, it was the beginning of Pentecostalism. During this moment, we have seen William J. Seymour is preaching about the Holy Spirit and the use of tongues as one of the secrets of the Bible.

The first person to speak in tongues was none other than a Bible school student, Agnes Ozman. She was from Kansas. This was the moment called “Bible Evidence,” originating from the Holy Spirit and Baptism in the Bible. It was coined by the evangelist Charles Parham.

The name “Pentecostal” is first mentioned in the Book of Acts.

There was an event of Pentecost, mentioned in the Book of Acts. At this event, the Christian brothers and sisters received gifts directly from the Holy Spirit. This kind of prophecy has been mentioned in Acts 2. 

The first even Pentecost that was held was supposed to be the start of the Pentecostal churches. Through these churches, the gospel is meant to be spread around the globe. It’s said that the first Pentecost was precisely 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

This Pentecost showed the fulfillment of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist prophecies. Christians back then knew that the Holy Spirit had baptized both of them. 

The core beliefs of multiple Pentecostal churches.

There are multiple Pentecostal sects. And each sect has a different set of beliefs in today’s time. Each one of their faith is somehow mentioned in one Act or another of the Bible. 

Some Pentecostal churches believe that Jesus Christ is returning, and he will help us all heal spiritually and with divinity. In contrast, other tenants of Pentecostal churches believe in medicine and science. 

However, the most common belief amongst the various sects of Pentecostal churches in Houston is related to Baptism. They believe that the Holy Spirit's process should commence once the person starts speaking in tongues. 

Other tenants then believe in the concept of foot washing for the ultimate cleansing of one’s soul.

Women attain necessary leadership through the Pentecostal churches.

Christian women are often laden with the opportunity of becoming a leader through their active membership of the Pentecostal churches in Houston. They can be preachers, inspirational leaders, missionaries, and whatnot.

Joel 2 has already stated that for the believers of the Pentecostal churches to lead this prophecy ahead. 

Modern Pentecostal churches in Houston also train women to have a worthy position in the clergy or ministry. Charles Fox Parham, the teacher of Agnes Ozman, taught the very first women for ministry positions. 


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lhhouston church
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