Classification of lawn mowers and applications to suit your needs

Tran Cong

Lawn mowers are a common type of machine used today. With its versatility, its utilities are used by users for different needs such as creating green grass campus, mowing golf course, clearing weeds, cleaning orchards, industry or In the high mountainous areas, lawn mowers are used to cut rice, cover the hills ...
Currently on the market there are many diversified lawn mowers products, types to serve each other's work of the user. Choosing to buy a model that is suitable for the main use is not everyone knows, this makes buyers wonder what to choose. This article would like to share with you the classification of current lawn mowers, and the applications of each type of lawn mower. From there for you to understand more and choose to buy lawn mowers that are suitable for your needs for more efficient work.

Vietnam is a country mainly developed thanks to agriculture, so the application of machinery in production is increasingly popular. With the need to quickly and professionally mow the lawn, it will help the farmer but also the housewives in the family who want to clean their garden quickly.

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Classification of lawn mowers on the market today

Lawn mowers are used to mow lawns instead of man-made lawn mowers, with high speed, high work efficiency, saving time and labor costs. Currently in Vietnam market there are many importers of different brands, such as Swedish Husqvarna mowers, Japanese Honda lawns, Thai, Japanese Makita mowers, German Stihl lawn mowers. , and the Chinese domestic lawnmowers ... And they are classified into types of lawn mowers such as: gasoline-powered lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers, battery-powered lawnmowers ... types such as hand-held lawn mower, mini lawnmower, multi-purpose lawn mower, driver lawn mower, hand-driven lawn mower ...

Classification of lawn mowers and applications to suit your needs
The lawn mower is comfortable and gentle to use

Lawn mower with shoulder:

This is the most commonly used lawn mower. Shoulder mowers are powered by gasoline or electricity. This machine is versatile, designed with high power consumption, low fuel consumption and can be used in any terrain including steep. The shoulder-strap lawn mower allows the lawn mower to be tired and free to mow the lawn for a long time. When using the shoulder blade mower should open the throttle at a medium speed moving at a constant speed to save fuel consumption and improve working efficiency.

- Application: You can use the blade to cut hard grasses, wire to whip quilts, young grass, or serrated round blade together with a framework to cut rice ... because the machine is so versatile. very widely, most gardening farmers use machines to mow grass, buds for gardens such as pepper gardens, rubber gardens, coffee, fruit trees ... and these machines are often used by people in mountainous areas for cleaning and clear acacia and melaleuca forests. Depending on the different purposes, the blades used for shoulder machines are different.

Driver lawn mower:

With a design like a lawn mower on a large area with a stable level. The machine works quickly with the cutting surface evenly, the lawn mower finished cutting is collected in the collection bin thanks to the vacuum of the machine. The machine is designed like a trolley or a manned car.

- The application of the driver lawn mower: With such features, the rider lawn mower is widely used in parks, convenient for lawn care, or in real grass football fields, and Ecology, resorts, resorts, farms, golf courses ... help take care of grass effectively, save time and have high aesthetics.

Classification of lawn mowers and applications to suit your needs
Lawn mowers push hands gently

Hand-pushed lawn mower:

- Non-motorized type, which means that this machine can be moved by human push. When the cake is spinning, it is also the time for the grass to roll and the grass will be rolled, and the gap between the drum and the blade of grass is cut. This series is suitable for people who like to exercise, improve their health, this machine is very suitable for small gardens and very good for middle age and the elderly. Mowing lawns while doing exercise improves people's health, improving the health of the elderly.

- Application of hand-pushed lawn mower: Considered as a great helper for gardeners, it is an extremely suitable device for mowing grass in large gardens, parks, and public greenery areas. … The hand-powered lawn mower uses gasoline as a fuel, and works with a long-wheel and two-wheel design to help cut grass in large areas easily and quickly.

Mini lawnmower:

Most compact lawn mower, with direct handle. This type of machine is often used to cut grass in small, narrow locations. This mini handheld lawn mower has always been a favorite among photographers.

Application of mini hand-held lawn mower: Mini portable lawn mower combined with battery-powered pruning machine is a compact,

Tran Cong
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