Key Benefits of Visitor Screening Software that Transform Your Business

Veris - Digicred Technologies

A visitor screening software helps companies to manage guests on their premises in the most flawless manner. Visitors can check-in and check-out via a self-service system which boosts the overall experience of visitors & enhances the security of your premises.

The touchless visitor sign-in system is very helpful for companies, colleges, schools, manufacturing facilities, government agencies, hospitals, etc. for a seamless check-in and check-out. Now, no more manual visitor log books are needed at the front desk. Some companies are still using traditional visitor management strategies such as registers, guest books, & so on. It increases a lot of paperwork that leaves chances of errors & it is really difficult & time-consuming to manage effectively. All such traditional outdated systems would not offer the safety which your organization is exactly looking for. The solution is an automated Covid-19 ready visitor management system which fixes all these problems.

If you are searching for an all-in-one visitor screening solution for visitor registration, security, badging, tracking of the guests, visitor log reports, etc. take a look at the below-mentioned key benefits of a visitor screening solution which transforms your business –

  • Store your visitor data automatically

A touchless visitor check-in software can print ID cards with the barcode. When staff scans the code it will automatically display visitor data along with the photograph, visit records, & health condition of the card owner. The ID card is useful to make simpler the visitor registration on their next visit as they don’t have to register the same person again and again. Furthermore, the questionnaire is helpful for the contact tracing if visitor turns out COVID-19 positive.

  • Effortless reservations with the touchless visitor management software

The visitor screening software makes it easy for organizations to manage visiting schedules. The employee can set meeting times on the system calendar, filling in visitor’s data, their purpose of visiting, & sending questionnaires to the visitor via email. The system also helps hotel visitors to make reservations. From the hotel managers’ outlook, the system enables them to limit maximum visitors. Thus, the hotel would not exceed 50% maximum capacity.

  • Digital screening via questionnaires

Screening is an important thing to do to make sure that every employee and visitor entering your building is in healthy condition, either it is their body temperature checking and filling in questionnaires about the health. But if this procedure still runs manually, your guests will take some time to complete surveys, and it will form a long line.

Screening visitors in the office can help you to simplify the data collection procedure. Your receptionists can input visitor data swiftly into the system, & the visitors can fill in questionnaires from tablet computers available at the reception desk. You can do it better if you offer them a separate registration. Doing so will let your customer fill in their data from their cell phone & reduce unnecessary lines. The use of visitor management has advantages well beyond only recording that enter your resource. All such systems can offer the initial professional impression on visitors & offer the defined procedure based on your visitor policy.

Veris - Digicred Technologies
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