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In every culture, wearing ornaments on important occasion like wedding, anniversary, birthday party and other social functions is almost essential for every woman.For lesser important functions women now-a-days also wear jewelry as per the prevailing fashion.

Fashion jewelryenables womento look gorgeous and more feminine and create a style for them. Apart from looking beautiful and attractive various kinds of fashionjewelryalso instills confidence among women.

Various types of jewelry include rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, necklace, chains, charms and pendants.When it comes to the ornaments of ear, wearing helix earring is most trendy again among women now-a-days for which helix piercing is done in different ways.

What is helix piercing?

The helix is the prominent outside part of the rim of the ear that is composed of cartilage. Helix piercing is a perforation of cartilage on the upper ear to enable a woman to wear piece jewelry i.e. earrings.

Helix piercing is performed using either a curved needle or and 16 or 18 gauge hollow needles that are hygienic and non-allergenic. The pain caused in piercing the helix is quite less and tolerable as helix of ear is composed of cartilage which does not have any nerve endings.

Helix piercing is often admired and done by almost every young woman in their own way to add to their facial appeal.

Types of Helix earrings

Helix earrings are often worn at the upper cartilage of helix and can be done close to each other. Depending on the number of perforations, these can be single, double or triplehelix piercings.

After getting the piercing done, one should always try to protect it from getting infected due to the metals used for helix earrings.

Once the site of the piercing heals, you can choose the popular options of helix earrings such as: 

  • Captive bead rings – are circular metal jewelry, usually bridged by a bead or bar.
  • Seamless rings– are designed as two parts of the hoop that slide together easily. Seamless rings smaller and more delicate helix or cartilage piercing jewelry.
  • Barbells – are beautiful looking helix earrings with a straight or curved rod and beads on both sides. These can also be partially circular barbells or fully circular barbells and horseshoe-like barbells
  • Labret studs - resemble lobe earrings and are usually straight rods with a gem on one side and a flat disc on other

In addition, often people prefer segmented or hinged segmented rings as jewelry for the ears. A segmented ring features a curved part that pops out of the ring that can be turned or rotated 360 degrees through helix piercing.Whereas a hinged segment rings being hinged reflect more of a seam than the regular segments.

Due to the integrated hinge, these hinged segment rings can be easily pushed, inserted into the piercing and closed with ease. Like all other types of helix earrings hinged segment rings are generally made of Silver-Colored Titanium, hypoallergenic Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium, Niobium (element) and Gold.

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Jewellery heaven
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