Isabel Troup

Isabel Troup

It was almost two weeks since Kevin, Manuel, Tim & myself had that incredible weekend. I hadn't seen Kevin but had spoken to him a few times by phone, he told me one time that Manuel said he & Tim both had an incredible time and asked if maybe we could have another foursome. I told Kevin I would have to think about it, although to be honest I couldn't get Manuel's big cock out of my mind dreaming of sucking it again and maybe even letting him fuck my ass julien lubrique

Three days later it was time for Kevin & I to have our monthly meeting, on the drive Kevin went down on me taking 2 weeks worth of cum, swallowing every drop. After the meeting was over we drove to our spot and I fucked him hard, all the time thinking of Manuel's rock hard cock. As I imagined his thick mushroom head stretching my ass wide open I shot a massive load into Kevin's ass. Once the last bit of cum drained into his ass Kevin turned now his mouth facing my shiny cum covered cock, taking it inside his mouth he cleaned musky cum off it.

On the drive home as Kevin's hand played with my cock he said, "Rick you've been pretty quiet tonight, is everything ok?"

"Yes things are ok, guess it's just been a long couple of weeks," I said while my mind drifted back to Manuel's cock.

After dropping him off I went home, now lying naked in bed & lubing my cock, I began jerking off as I imagined being fucked by Manuel. I could only imagine what that huge cock ripping at my ass must feel like, would the pain be too much or would my ass be up to the task? After my cum shot all over my belly, I cleaned myself up and went to sleep free adult cam

Another 2 days passed and I went to the small mall in town which consisted of a larger grocery store, 1 anchor store and several smaller stores. As I walked out of the Friendly's, which is was an ice cream shop, I heard someone call my name. Turning around I saw it was Manuel, he was by himself just walking around.

"Hi Manuel," I said.

"Hey Rick how are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing ok and you?" I asked.

"I'm ok, Tim is out of town, are you and Kevin doing anything tonight?" he asked.

"No his parents are doing something and he has to babysit his brother & sister," I said.

"So are you doing anything tonight?" he asked.

"No I don't have anything planned, why what's up?" I said.

"I was just thinking maybe we could go out on the town or something," he said.

My mind imagined us alone together, getting to see that huge cock and was staring at his crotch, as he saw me he said, "So is that a yes I take it?"

"Uh yeah what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Well seeing what you're eyeing up I guess we can go have a little fun," he said.

"It's almost 6, do you want to grab something to eat, do you have a car?" I said.

"No I walked here, I don't have a car," he said.

"Ok we can take my station wagon, are you hungry?" I asked.

"Yes I could go for something to eat, maybe we can drive somewhere and have dessert in private," he said.

Walking to my car I said, "I know of a really quiet place we can go to and be alone after we eat."

"Is this the same place in the woods Kevin told me about?" he asked.

"Well I guess he must have told you about our place, yes it is," I said.

We went to McDonalds and had some burgers, while sitting in the car Manuel told me about his life. His father wasn't in his life and his mom worked two jobs leaving him alone quite a lot. He told me he was abused by an uncle not wanting to tell his mother about it. That is when he found out, although not liking being forced, that he loved cock. I felt bad telling him about my almost perfect life with great parents and older siblings.

Finally arriving at my hidden fuck spot, Manuel broke out a joint and we smoked some really good pot. After finishing we hopped in the back Manuel took his shirt off, then slid his pants and underwear off finally taking his socks off. Now naked I could see his huge cock, that big mushroom head and pee hole almost staring at me. Manuel motioned for me to get naked and I stripped quickly, facing him our cocks touched and I arched my back as his tip rubbed against mine.

Manuel grabbing both our cocks in one hand began slowly stroking both shafts, as I looked down his cock seemed even bigger compared to my much smaller cock.

"Hmm I want to taste that hard cock of yours," he said.

"Only if I can taste yours at the same time," I said.

Lying down so we faced the others cock I took his huge mushroom head inside my mouth as he took my entire shaft in his. His tongue began licking the bottom of my shaft as his mouth sucked my cock. I took more of his cock inside my mouth his thick head began expanding the opening of my throat. I pause, then taking a breath I swallowed the rest of his cock his head ramming down my throat.

"Oh shit that feels so fucking good," he said then taking my cock back in his mouth began bobbing his head up and down my shaft.

Holding his cock deep in my throat, I slowly pulled my head up and then just before his tip passed my tonsils I rammed my head down his shaft sliding it back deep inside. We both started moving faster, I could feel his cock almost ready to shoot and buried it deep inside my throat, his first load of cum shot a huge stream then another and finally several more as it all slid into my belly.

Isabel Troup
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