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Essential steps of CPR as narrated in ACLS Loma Linda CA classes

Mehran Rafiee
Essential steps of CPR as narrated in ACLS Loma Linda CA classes

Essential steps of CPR as narrated in ACLS Loma Linda CA classes

Cardiac pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR is a first aid emergency treatment given to patients who encounter cardiac pulmonary arrest.

How CPR is performed?

We might have seen in television and movies actors giving CPR to patients. It seems quite easy and we think we can also do it; definitely we all can do it but it also has protocols as mentioned in the BLS Certification Loma Linda CA. We need to learn them and understand them first so that we can perform this life saving activity effectively. The main motive of CPR is to give repeated cycles of compression on the chest to preserve the respiration. It is to ensure that there is a continuous supply of oxygen and blood to the vital organs of the body. The ACLS Certification Loma Linda CA CA stresses upon following points while CPR:

Chest compression Rate: The general chest compression rate is 30 compressions and 2 mouth-to mouth respirations. That means the compression to breathe ratio must be 30:2. About 100-120 compressions are given per minute.. This ratio is chosen if there is single rescuer but if there are two rescuers then a ratio of 15:2 is adopted.

Chest Compression depth: The depth of compression is generally 5cms for adults and children and for infants it is 4cms.

Steps involved in CPR:

  • Firstly the patient is laid backwards on a flat surface and cleaned if there is any kind of blood or dirt on his body.
  • The rescuer then positions his hands on the chest of the patient.
  • After positioning the fingers are interlocked so that the compressions can be given effectively.
  • The rescuer then starts giving compressions with a depth of 5cms (for adults) and 4cms (for children). In between the compressions mouth to mouth respiration is given. The rate of compressions and respiration is already discussed above.
  • The compressions are given until the patient reaches a hospital or a critical care point.

Why learning CPR is important?

Cardiac pulmonary arrest is a medical emergency which can happen to any person at any point of time.  It can happen due to many reasons irrespective of the age. The PALS Loma Linda CA academies have stated various cases and conditions where a person can have a cardiac pulmonary arrest. Like for instance, a person who drowned in a swimming pool, can have a cardiac pulmonary arrest; a person who had an accident can have a cardiac arrest due to shock; a person who is lifting heavy weights in the gym can have it; or an infant who is crying too hard can have a cardiac pulmonary arrest. In Loma Linda CA high numbers of people undergo cardiac pulmonary arrest every year. Therefore the AHA has designed and approved PALS Online Loma Linda CA for the people of the state.

Keeping in mind the above situations we need to identify that it is cardiac pulmonary arrest. We understand it by the fact that someone who is having a pulse but unable to breathe has encountered a cardiac pulmonary arrest. In such a situation he would need a CPR immediately. CPR given on time increases the chances of survival of the patients until he reaches a hospital or critical care point.

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Mehran Rafiee
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