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Generally, government data breach occurs when the confidential information is stolen from federal, state, or local government agencies. This is really harmful for the public if the information which is compromised contains sensitive information like your Social Security number and your birth date etc. Because the hackers can use your personal information, to do interactions with the government like tax-related identity theft or tax refund fraud etc. In this type of crime, thief uses your SSN and other kind of personal information to file an income tax return so that they can claim your tax refund. Hence, Webroot team wants their user to protect themselves, if they become the victim of government data breach. This security software protect your data from malware and viruses.The user can install and activate this security software in their devices through www.webroot.com/safe webroot safe with key

Steps you can Take After a Government Data Breach:

  • Just Confirm there was a Breach:

The first step which you should take is to contact to the breached agency and confirm that there was a breach occurred or not. After confirming, ask the agency that whether your information is safe or compromised.

  • Check What Type of Data was Stolen:

After confirming, you should check what type of information was exposed. Generally, Government agency breaches expose the most valuable information like personally identifiable information such as SSNs, taxpayers’ payment information, and voters’ information.

  • Accept the Government Agency Help:

If the government agency provides you help, then you should consider taking it. If in case, your PII and SSN were exposed, then you should monitor your credit, finances and identity as it is very important so that the hackers cannot commit a crime in your name.

  • Change and Strengthen your Online Passwords:

If the breach has occurred then it is very important that you should change your passwords or other information which the cybercriminals can use to gain access to your accounts. You should implement the two-factor authentication which will block access to your online accounts, even if they contains your login credentials.

  • Contact the Right People and Take Action:

If in case, your sensitive data like your Social Security number and other kind of personally identifiable information were exposed, then you should immediately contact to the several government agencies. These agencies include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and also the Department of Justice. www webroot com safe

  • Stay Alert and Monitor Your Accounts:

When the hackers have your sensitive data, then they can access your existing accounts. Hence, it is advised that you should create new ones. You should closely monitor all of your accounts and also look for suspicious activity.

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The above are some of the steps which you can take after the Government data breach. For more details, just navigate to the official website of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe download webroot safe with key .

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grace edens
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