Convert PDF files to Word document Online or Offline:

mathew philips

In the recent era, everything depends on technologies and software. Gone are the days when you had to write down the entire document by your hands. Now, you don’t need to write data to create a word document. Copying from one source to another isn’t hard work it’s busywork. You can convert your pdf document to a Word file for free. You can restore all your data, such as text, images, and fonts by pdf to word. With just one click, you can transform your word file back to a pdf file. You can start to work on a new project. There are two ways to convert your pdf data into word.

  • Online method
  • Offline method

Convert pdf to word online: 

There are some easy steps to convert your data from pdf to word online. The optical character recognition technology (OCR) is used in all the online software. It scans the text and converts your content from pdf to editable word document. And if you want to convert your word DOCX back to pdf, you can choose the other basic conversion option. These are some steps to convert your pdf file into a Word file. 

  • Upload your pdf file into your desired tool.
  • Activate OCR or skip this process. 
  • Wait for a few minutes 
  • Download your converted word document. 

Convert pdf to word offline: 

For this procedure, you have to create a free trial account to download and install an app. To convert your file offline, you need to sign up and then precede the following steps. 

  • Open the desktop app.
  • Click pdf to Word DOCX.
  • Drag your pdf file into the required area.
  • Make sure the output format is the word.
  • Click onto ‘convert file’ 
  • Wait a few seconds. 
  • Save your pdf as a word file and continue your work. 

Online VS Offline: 

When you convert your pdf document into DOCX format, all your formats and fonts come with it. It includes bullet points, font, and table. It depends on your usage preference; either you want to use the website or desktop app for the pdf conversion. Most online tools are free and charge you with nothing and provide easy access to everyone. In the offline conversion, you have no access to OCR, but you can upload it without the help of the internet. If you are a regular user and need to convert the file regularly, get a pro account. All the tools have the option of a pro account that provides more easy methods and removes the limitations. The offline and online conversion methods are safe and secure to use. You can get access to these modes whenever you want. It helps you do your business without any worry. The sites and tools get update after some time, and you get new features and improvements. You can also give your reviews after using the specific tool. If you find any problem, you can contact them, and the company tries to minimize the issue in the next updates. 


mathew philips
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